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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kathy Griffin in Iraq

I was watching the idiot box and came across Kathy Griffin doing her D List show and she was over in Iraq entertaining the troops. I give her credit for a job well done for our kids fighting over there. She and the crew she dragged with her had the soldiers laughing their butts off for over two hours and that is what they needed.

It took a ton of guts for a civilian like Kathy Griffin to go over there when she didn’t have to. None of the celebrities are forced to go over there and cheer up our troops and they aren’t paid for it as far as I know. It’s nice to know that not all of the celebrities of today are forgetting all the kids fighting over there. Even when shells were incoming prior to the show in Baghdad she could have bolted out of there and nobody would have thought lesser of her. She went on with the show for the troops regardless and that took more than guts, it took balls. From one American to another I thank you Kathy Griffin wherever you are today for what you did for those kids of ours serving their country.

Kathy is one of those comedians that has a gift from God and I love her style and delivery. Doing the dirt on celebrities and telling it like it is. I laugh my butt off at her timing and quick wit. She is on my A list as far as celebrities go.

So getting to my point of this post… The USO does a ton of good work supporting our kids in uniform wherever they are serving and it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to donate a dollar or two to them. They run a non-profit show and it is a privately paid for organization that depends on appreciative folks to help them pay the bills to bring smiles to our troops in the thick of things. Helping our kids in Iraq to laugh when all they see is death and destruction all around them every day. The USO brings home back to our kids through great entertainers like Kathy Griffin and I would be a jerk to not say so many other celebrities willing to risk their own lives to bring a smile to our kids in service to our nation.

Papamoka Challenge…I dare you to log on to the USO website and just donate a dollar. If you can afford more then do so. I’m just asking for a dollar to be donated to the USO. Can you spare it or not? What is a smile to our kids fighting far from home worth to you?

Please feel free to post on this site if you donated to support our troops through the USO.

America is the nation of freedom and charity and supporting our kids should be on our radar.

God bless them all and I pray for their safe return home.


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