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Friday, July 21, 2006

Israel and Lebanon War

Steve Houchin has raised some genuine questions of concern regarding the current fighting between Israel and Lebanon. Is Israel using overwhelming force and tech?

Israel has used overwhelming force in a scenario that has been boiling for years and years. The only reason it has come to this boiling point is because the newly elected government of Lebanon will not recognize Israel's right to exist. Israel in return will not recognize Hezbollah. Dilema and mistrust ensue.

Two kids with sling shots and a beef will fight eventually. The only difference is that the Ghazza strip is a walled off city of over one million people that now have no water, no electricity and no refrigeration for food. A city surrounded by overwhelming force. A people held hostage by a political party that offered only the better of two evils.

Is this genocide in the desert because they can do it? Is it a walled in city of people that just want to be a nation once more? This arguement could go on for thousands of years and in fact it has. Nobody wins the arguement, you just keep a head count of the dead for each side.

Somewhere out there is a world leader or a diplomat that has an idea of how to end this madness. Only problem is that the two sides have so much hate for one another that they might as well be wearing ear plugs. The tote board for dead bodies grows by the day and only true diplomacy can end this insanity.

It isn't going to come from this administration. It has to come from outside of America. Time to step up to the plate world. America is full up with idiotic ideas on how not to play nice in the school yard. I think the President's current replies say enough about where he stands.

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