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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Common Sense in Politics

In the mail yesterday I happened to get a letter from Senator Teddy Kennedy on the upcoming elections across the nation this November. He made some good points on our nation being under attack from within. It was loaded with common sense points that everyone should be voting Democrat in 2006.

Our nation has some serious problems to deal with and the Republican party is to much involved with the almighty dollar that keeps them in office. They seem to have a special place in their hearts for big business and the top five percent of our citizens. In the real world terminology where you and I live, the check was good and they bought the vote they needed.

Look around your own neighborhood and see where real life is. You aren’t on an estate if you are renting a three bedroom apartment. You are not an industrialist if you go to work at the local factory that will soon be shut down to put more money in the owners pockets as they move your job to Mexico. You are not a financier if you use the atm machine to get cash out of your checking account.

I see it over and over again that people think that they are a true Republican but they are working a nine to five job and still struggling to survive. The Republican party message sells division and isolation of who you should hate and why it is their fault for our country being screwed up. Divide and conquer is the game plan. Meanwhile the rich get richer and the lower classes sink further.

America is and was built on one word, why? Put any issue on the table and ask yourself why it is on the table first or why it should be changed or legislated. The Republican’s are attacking Gay America and forcing the issue to define marriage and telling those of us that are male and female married partners for life that Bob and Joe will make our marriage worthless. One word…Why? What the hell does Bob and Joe have to do with Mat and Christine? One word… nothing.

America was not founded under a flag but an idea based on freedom. Freedom is a huge monster that has many faces and hides in many places begging to be let loose. Once freedom is loose she takes many forms and some of them upset people like me when I see our flag burned but I have to see the higher road. You can burn my flag but you will never burn what it means to me personally. Freedom wins out even though the ultimate symbol of it is but ashes after the flames. The red, white, and blue of my flag still wave on in my heart.

We have huge issues to deal with and wasting time on issues so ridiculous is politics at its worst. Health care for our nation is under attack and yet our government can do nothing to help us because the people in charge of the government have the insurance industry fully in their pockets. Prescription drugs for our elderly and everyone else is out of control but once more we can not get relief from our government because the check from the drug companies is mightier than the needs of our people. Home heating oil and gasoline for our nations ability to be mobile is up and out of control but once more our government chooses to do nothing because the checks to the campaign have cleared. Car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance is out of control because our government is ruled by one party cashing the checks once more. Everywhere you look in your life you have been screwed over by this current President and this current government.

Common sense is not alive in Washington, D.C. and the only way to resuscitate it is by voting Democrat this November.

Teddy Roosevelt was a President that broke up the monopolies for the benefit of the people of America. He didn't do it as a Republican but as a leader of his people. Party politics had nothing to do with his love of America and her people. He wasn’t in the pocket of any one company. He had the guts to take on corporate America and show them the door. Our nation needs a kick ass and take names later Congress and Senate. Or a President that isn’t bought and paid for by special interests. Vote Democrat in 2006.

Let me know what you think?


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