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Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel and Lebanon War

Covered in the Washington Post today...

How much stupidity does it take to fire a rocket? Well you have to be well versed in it based on what is currently going on at the borders of Israel and Lebanon. Stupidity is a wonderful thing when all you want to do is kill someone. It gives you absolute authority to kill woman and children. It gives you the right to fire on a hospital or blindly fire missiles in hopes of hitting something big forty or sixty miles away.

Both sides of this terrible and horrible situation need to get their acts together and have a clear mind towards peace when a SEASE FIRE is achieved. Nope, stupidity rules and it won’t be the soldiers of Israel dying or the Hazzbollah fighters. It will be kids, woman, teenagers and grandparents dying. Even more blood and death of the innocent to feed the fires of stupidity and the aggression of radicals from both sides.

Even better is that both sides are chucking the bird to anyone offering peace. If you want peace then they each have terms that must be met by both sides and that will never happen till the body count is ridiculous and years down the road from this point in time.

I’m betting money that the UN will chuck the bird at the two of them and then point to America or Great Britain as the ones that should put our kids in the middle of this blood fest. Then our kids can die for stupidity and I’m terrified that this President might just think it’s a good idea! America and her military is not the world’s police force. This fight between these two nations that neither recognizes as a nation will go on for centuries more. That fact will never change.

We are now trapped in a civil war in Iraq and he won’t even blink when it comes to putting our fighting troops as targets for two sides that are so full of stupidity that they blindly fire rockets and care less where they land.

Yup, time to vote for our fighting troops and defend and define why they are our military troops in service to THEIR country. Who’s up for starting a third front on the war on Terror? Hold on a second…this sounds familiar but we fought against this guy? I’m thinking…Don’t tell me I’ll get it…
It’s right on the tip of my tongue…

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