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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gay Marriage

States across our nation are having our legislators vote on what marriage is. Does that bother you as something that they have no bussiness dictating as the law for your state? How about your own bedroom with your wife or dare I say patner? Same sex just if you were wondering what I was talking about.

Love between two people is so complex to begin with and now the government wants to define what that is? Do you see a problem with this? So if my wife and I decide to make love on the sofa is that going to be ruled as something we could be arrested for? I'm a heterosexual but I don't care what my neighbor is doing in their own bedroom or their own living room furniture. Should I call the police if they use toys or should I dare say lubricants in the privacy of their own bedroom? Where is the line drawn on whom is an acceptable member of our society as Americans and whom is not?

Look around your own life and tell me you don't know a gay or lesbian person and love them like one of your own kids? Hell, they could even be one of your own kids. What gives the government the right to legislate the right to freedom of happiness and liberty except the gays or lesbians? I think the Constitution covers this one in every state and all the way up to the Supreme Court. Hate has no place to fester in this nation and never should.

Karl Rove will sell you a different story. Point at the weakest link and make you hate it and despise it and call them the reason for all your fears. What do you do if it is your son or daughter that he is pointing the full power of the White House at and all it is just full of hate?

The Democrats are not pointing fingers at anyone than the people that are selling the hate message. Vote your own consience and you decide where our nations moves next. Back to hate and segragation or forward with hope and new possibilities for all.

America is bigger than the message they are selling, we just need to see it for what it is and vote accordingly.


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