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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Being a Progressive Democrat

I listen to Air America Radio out of Boston and I generally like the stuff I hear. It’s comical and funny at times and serious at other times. This is not radio for a Ditto head or remotely conservative Mini Publican but it is entertaining. In the past couple of days they have brought up the subject of what is a Progressive Democrat and I think I’m guilty of being one. So I had to find out what a real Progressive Democrat looks like on line. I love the search engines and I trust them completely to get me to the source of information I want.

I checked the Karl Rove Mien Kempf site and he had a picture of my house on it. That is pretty good proof right? Then I checked the Rush home cam “Haters of American Values” site and there I was typing this very post. Freaked me out! Now I was starting to get paranoid so I was going to call my brother in Florida to ask him if I was nuts but the operator cut in. He asked me who I was calling and why I was calling them and if I knew that terrorists were listening into my phone? I thanked the Vice President and decided to make a local call to my sister. The line was interrupted as I had to explain to the operator that I was just going to ask her that if I put chives in my meatloaf did that make me a Progressive Democrat? I thanked the Secretary of Defense and decided that I had to ask my neighbor friend. Grabbing a beer I stepped out my door and explained to the FBI agents that I was just going over to chat with my buddy Vincent. After the strip search I was cleared but they had to confiscate my underwear because the Urine spots under a black light almost resembled an AK47 held by Osama Bin Laden in a picture taken ten years ago. That made me forget why I was leaving the house so I went on line to check out some sites and found some interesting reading and had a couple of independent minded thoughts.

I don’t hate my government. I think it is going in the wrong direction. I don’t hate our kids fighting for their country. They are following orders that they should follow under any President. I don’t hate the media at Fox not the news or Bill O’Rielly even though he twists the real story to show his own agenda to prop up the Mini Publicans. I love my flag and my country. I don’t like anyone defining marriage between two individuals. I don’t hate Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden or even Nancy Palosi. I’ve never met any of them so how could I.

Hold on a second. The CIA agent stationed at my house that is babysitting the kids while I type this post says I misspelled something but I’m leaving it the way it is. He only has authority to correct posts to this site based on overseas topics. Where was I?

Anywho, I’m thinking that I am in fact a Progressive Democrat. I’m just getting a gut feeling about this one. The wife may be able to tell me that I am not but that is something we will discuss in our own bedroom late at night after the girls are all asleep. Then again, the FBI agents tell me that they have us on video with sound to make sure we don’t try any covert positions that might threaten the security of our nation.

I have to end this post. The wife is back from shopping and I have to ask the Tank to move so she can get the Mini Van into the driveway.

Talk to ya soon,


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Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

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Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

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