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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bush on the Mic at the G8

Well it was inevitable. You can't keep so much talent locked down and good old uncle Dick is running around the White House spreading expletives like you would spread manure on your fields. President Bush said a swear and it was caught on a live microphone. Then he decided to "Wing it" with his speech at the closing of the G8 summit. Now doesn't that show you how much he really respects the other leaders of the world? Nope, wait a second, he had more to say... Some of these guys talk to long.

Yup, world leaders sometime talk to much when the world is in crisis! Hello, elevator buttons light up but the damn car won't move to the top floor. I heard that he thanked the Primate Minister of Great Britain for a sweater that he personally picked out but most of the audio on that part was muffled when they started to hug and manhandle one another. You tell me why Bush walks that way? I didn't say it, Bush did! Don't hate the messenger.

So now he is headed home thinking he did a great job by telling all the Arab leaders of the world to go screw themselves when it comes to Isreal defending herself. Hello worlds only remaining supper power leader... We are a peaceful nation that likes to stop wars that can never be won as soon as possible. Is the word "Peace" not in your vocabulary? Laura help him look up vocabulary in the dictionary.

Here we have the Bush legacy, peace is bad and bombs raining down on kids and moms is okay.
It doesn't matter which side of the border either to him. The UN is his personal idea of a napkin you wipe your mouth with and the leaders of the world at the G I already 8 are just wasting this president's time.

Somewhere in the White House is the Vice President in a straight jacket screaming like a mad man. Nobody knows why he asked to be put in the straight jacket they just followed his orders. Locked up his shot gun too.

So what is happening in your world? Mine has me going what the F*ck was he thinking? That is not short for firetruck either.

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