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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Political Opinion and Debate

I'm having fun over at the Gun Toting Liberal posting my political opinions. The audience over there is huge compared to here but I like my own site as well. I give them my best stuff much like I do here but the comments over there are sometimes deep and personal. You have to have some tuff skin if you are blogging politics but it bothers me when folks take your article or opinion and label you as an idiot because you spoke your mind? Speaking your mind on how you feel on any issue is an amazing thing as an American. People can disagree with you and that is a good thing to happen. The issue is discussed and debated. The main objective is to talk about the issue and together we as Americans can come to a resolution on the issue. Name calling is not my thing. I prefer an open mind rather than casting anyone that does not agree with me to hell forever and a day.

Politics is all about the now, not history, not yesterday, it is about today and tomorow. The future of our nation is and will be based on what we have learned from our past and what we are willing to do to change it. Change is always a good thing. Sometimes you don't like it but it is just change.

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Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

If it's any consolation, Sir... we love ya over there at the GTL. Welcome aboard, and your posts RAWK!

Blog ONNNN, brother :-)

3:31 AM  

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