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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oil Pipeline Investigation...not!

Oil Pipeline investigation…not

Here we go again. The Wash. Post has this one covered... The worlds production of oil is not supporting the $100 per barrel that the industry was hoping to see before W is out of office so what were they to do? Hmmm, shut down 8% of the nations domestic production might do it? Timing is going to be critical so lets see when is a good time? When Congress goes home for the summer holiday would be good…

Everything in the news around the world and here at home is revolving around what the price of oil will do. The closer it gets to $100 per barrel the more secure the world will be. For a few people anyway? All the rest of us can just take it on the chin and pay the $6 per gallon at the pump and long for the days of $3 per gallon with fondness in our hearts.

Does anyone logically think that the 5-10 Billion in quarterly profit is going to come out of BP’s pocket to pay for the pipeline repair? Nope, bend over at the pump and leave your wallet just in case the Chairman of BP want’s to get a burger for lunch too!

One pipeline down means a free for all as far as price gouging goes for all the other oil companies. When Congress does get around to investigating this whole mess, I’m betting all of my pocket lint that they find the companies not liable and price gouging never happened.


****Gun Toting Liberal had some thoughts on this same topic.
"That’s right, I couldn’t make this up.

The Democrats are actually PISSED OFF because the drilling and pumping of oil in the “pristine Arctic winter wonderlands” of Alaska has been suspended, and the Democrats are DEMANDING answers…"
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