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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman Vs. Lamont CT Race

Lieberman Vs. Lamont Race

10:27 PM Lamont leads by 52% to 48% for Lieberman according to CNN

The Democratic race for Senator between these two very distinguished gentlemen is over. Ned Lamont has won the primary race. I don’t have a dog in this race but then again I do as a Democrat. Senators not only represent the state they serve but they also represent the nation overall. The people of Connecticut have voted and the better candidate for the people of Connecticut has won the Democratic Party’s primary to elect a United States Senator.

I’ve been a Joe Lieberman fan and supporter for years and I appreciate all of the work that he has done not just for the people of Connecticut but for our nation. He has stood by his convictions and people have appreciated him for doing just that. The man has the honor and dignity to stand behind what he says. That is a rarity in our political world today. Unfortunately, the people have spoken from the Democratic Party in Connecticut and as the person on the ballot and running a clean campaign you have to accept it and move on. It was a close race and it was for the most part a clean race.

Major question is this for the Democratic Party; will Joe Lieberman bolt from the party to run as an Independent? He has made it clear that he would do so. Politically, I think it would be like screaming at the winds of change. The only outcome would be that a third party candidate would prove that the Democrats do not have a solid message to change the government. The selfish move of one man to try to hold his position in government would fraction the winds of change that are blowing so hard against the status quo.

Joe Lieberman the Democrat I will always respect and speak favorably on, the other Joe as an Independent? I can’t say much on that subject that is positive. Especially, since I voted for him as my Vice President Democratic candidate in the election stolen by the courts.

If Joe runs as an Independent Candidate for Senator from Connecticut I can not support him in that venue. That is the lesson learned from Florida and the Supreme Court in the Bush elections. Third parties steal away from the agenda that the Democratic Party is trying to get elected and the ability to change America.

Ralph Nader elected George Bush twice in key states and yet he is still screaming at the wind for change. DUHH? If Ralph registered as a Democrat the world would be a far safer place today.

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Blogger TheSarc said...

New Article: Lieberman loses Democratic primary, decides to run as Republican

9:35 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Lieberman will run as an independent, and he will take a number of votes. I don't know if he'll get enough moderate and/or republican votes in the state to win, but running as an independent is closer to the moderate views that he seems to hold.

I think we need more Liebermans in Congress, people who will look beyond party lines, and vote according to what his constituents need/want.

8:50 PM  

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