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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Summary of GW Bush Legacy

My friend over at had this to say about current events. I tend to agree with him for the most part...

"Here's a president who wants to be remembered as a 21st century Harry S Truman. The major difference is that with Truman, he told you what he thought and he had a reputation for honesty. His greatest redemption was that he turned out to be right, and it was his credibility that made him remembered as one of the all time greats. President Bush doesn't have that. There have been too many staged moments, too many not quite truths, or truths from a certain point of view, or truths behind other errors, too many soundbites, too many poor decisions, too much infringement on people's liberties. In short, he's too late."

Americans much like the elder Bush President policies are tired of world politics for the most part from GW Bush as well. Bring the troops home. Take care of re-building New Orleans and Louisiana and Alabama and Missisipi instead of funneling hundreds of millions to nations that will just blow one another up tomorow. Thousand year wars is not a place for American troops. America and her people have to come first. Our business in Iraq was done when Saddam was captured. The rest of it is target practice for the insurgents and thier own civil war against our kids defending President Bush's terminology of democracy.

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