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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Minimum Wage in Mass Raised to $8

The state of Mass a two sticks raised the minimum wage today to $8.00 an hour by 2008 over-riding a Mitt Romney veto of the bill. Mitt the millionaire Romney Republican Governor thought a quarter an hour increase to $6.75 and hour was a better idea. The Boston Globe has the full blown story.

This brings me to the thought about the States taking over more responsibilities where the Federal Government should be legislating. More and more states are passing laws that technically are in the jurisdiction of our Congress and Senate. That sends up a flare in my back yard so to speak.

Is our Federal Government so gridlocked that the States have to pass laws one by one? Every state is doing it on any given subject. The Fed’s vetoed Stem Cell Research Funding. California passed one of the largest state funded grant programs in the nation last year. Mass a two sticks passed a bill stating that gay marriage is infact legal. A ton of other states banned gay marriage. States are passing laws on their own and chucking the bird to the Federal Government. So why do we need the Congress or the Senate or the Supreme Court and the Constitution again?

So you have to ask yourself a question on what the Federal Government is actually doing for Joe Q. Public that all his or her (Joe is short for Josephine too) money is paying for in taxes? Granted the military is a given…. FEMA didn’t work so well during Katrina. The war in Iraq was pretty much paid for by a check from the US Treasury to Haliburton? This list could go on for pages after pages.

I say we run a state by state referendum to change the process and get rid of all these self serving special interest elected leaders of our Federal Government. Wait a second we do that already... November we vote the problem out and send in the new blood. One warning from Papamoka though, make sure you read the fine print of your choice candidates and always take what they say with a glass of water.

Things that make you go hmmmm???


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