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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Legal Trials and Illegal Trials

Tell me that the Bush Administration is not trying to lock up the JAG lawyers with rules for defending Terrorist’s? This article in the Boston Globe is telling me if I understand it right that they are doing just that! Last time I checked this was the United States of America and we have laws and rules and speedy trials for any crime committed against our society that have worked fairly well for a couple of hundred years.

“Most military lawyers strongly oppose allowing secret evidence, arguing that such a plan would probably violate the Geneva Conventions and create a precedent for enemies of the United States to use show-trials for captured Americans. But administration lawyers maintain that classified evidence may be crucial to a case, and revealing it would compromise national security.” - Boston Globe

Apparently, the administration under President Cheney… I mean President Bush wants different rules for prosecuting anyone caught in a terrorist activity. Rules that are one sided that allow you no defense against state secrets that were used to have you arrested for terrorism against the nation. What if you are innocent? Innocent until proven guilty does not apply here for some odd reason and we should just hang, then shoot, and then burn the people on trial for alleged crimes against America. Questions can be asked later. At which time we can all dance to the beat of Brittany Spears song…Oops I did it again.

Vice President Cheney has been trying to ram rod this ideology since he was Secretary of Defense under Bush Papa in the first Iraq war and it didn’t fly then. It won’t fly now either. One of the sad facts of life given all those troublesome congressmen and senators is that a bunch of them are also lawyers. They know a legal problem when they see one and they had better defend the laws of the land first. Does the Bar Association ring a bell to anyone? It doesn't look good on your political resume that you changed the laws of the land to support any guilty or innocent parties.


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