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Friday, August 04, 2006

Israel and Reality

I completely understand the need for Israel to defend itself. I have no argument with that but I do have an argument for overkill. There was a report in the Washington Post today all about the overkill and it is all against Israel. Thirty farm workers were killed by one missile strike. Farm workers is just not listed in my dictionary any where close to the meaning of the word terrorist.

This is making me wonder if the government of Israel is going to far with this retaliation and effort to stop Hezbolla and its attacks against Israel. Could they be using overwhelming force without care to the innocent people that are just trying to live life day to day? I’m thinking that they are. The American media is starting to sway against Israel and focusing on the woman and children being killed. That is something Americans for the most part are strongly against no matter what the political situation is. Israel will loose American support if they continue to be blasted all over the news as killing innocent people. It doesn’t matter if the terrorists were amongst them when they launched the missiles towards Israel, the media will play the pictures of the dead mothers and babies that Israel’s bombs killed.

All of the media reports I’ve seen are talking about the innocent people caught up in this and Israel claming that they targeted missile launching points doesn’t cut it for me. Blindly firing rockets from thirty or forty miles away in such a densely populated country is going to kill too many innocent people. Israel needs to clearly state what their objective is in this conflict.

The need for a cease fire is growing larger by the day and the bombs Israel drops today is only feeding the aggression in the middle east against them. Tit for Tat is all that the mentality of the entire region knows. You killed my brother, I shall kill you sister. Wash, rinse repeat all over the place. Fifty years from now when I’m ninety three we will still have the same headlines across the media. All the while innocent people are dying on both sides for the sake of what? What is the root cause of all of this turmoil?

This situation needs serious statesman and serious world diplomats and thinkers. President Bush is out of the office for the next ten or so days so this will have to take a back burner status. He has some serious brush to clear or something like that down in Crawford Texas. One has to set your priorities.

Did it ever enter anyone in the Bush administration thoughts to ask any of the former Presidents to go on a diplomatic mission? Nahhhhhh. Bill Clinton was never about Middle East peace. George Senior was never about building relationships in the Middle East. Jimmy Carter was never about Middle East peace even given the Israel and Egypt peace treaty. Nope, sending Condi Rice in that has no playbook to speak of was the game plan. With us or against us mentality is not diplomacy in any sense of the word.

Don’t even think about telling me President Bush needs some time off. Being President of the United States is a twenty four and seven days a week job. You do not take time off as the leader of the free world. He wanted the job so bad and this is what it is. In two years he can clear all the brush he wants and the American people will thank him for it with a generous pension. Till then it is time to be the grown up in the world and talk peace and make both sides come to the table.

Is that so much to ask?

As President of the United States George Bush has no credibility around the world. Given that fact you would think that somebody in his staff would have told him to think outside of the box? With us or against us isn’t just for the terrorists! Peace in the world takes patience and a bit of deep thought. Not seeing that porch light on at the White House or in Crawford for that matter.


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