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Friday, August 04, 2006

November Rain and Politicians

I’m having a problem understanding politicians and how they think about us. Joe and Josephine Sixpack out here in America. All these elected leaders of the people must really think that we are stupid to the core. They played up the issues so much that you almost have to believe that they are almost sincere.

Most of us along with our 2.3 children follow the rules of the land and just do what is right. You see somebody drop a dollar bill and you pick it up for them and hand it back to them. You see somebody loaded with groceries and you open and hold the door for them. You see a wrong in your own little corner of the world and you give it your best shot to fix it.

This week we saw the Senate in all its gridlock glory load the political shotguns full of rock salt and fire away at the other side of the isle. Both sides of the isle were firing away at the other with so much political name calling ammo and rock salt that snow will never stick to the ground in our nation’s capitol for a thousand years.

The argument most of this week was to raise the minimum wage and to cut the estate tax. Two very distinctive issues that are in fact water and oil legislation at its political best. Two unique very well thought out ideas that if they stood alone there are good arguments pro and con. This week the real losers were the folks back home. This was about you but not what you thought it was really about.

These “elected” leaders have been setting us all up for the fall elections. Both sides of the isle are guilty of it and I honestly think that they believe that people back home will never catch on to the games they are playing out for the benefit of nobody else but themselves. All the bickering and sound bites coming out of the capitol this week and the past several months was not about the legislation at all. It was about talking points for the barrage of political commercials that are going to be on everyone’s radio and television this fall. It was and has been for months now all about the election in November.

Take a minute to look at what has been proposed the last few months. All of it was really important political base solidifying issues that will make fantastic political advertisements for the fall elections across the nation. It’s all about the thirty second sound bite. The Democrats voted against flag burning, the Republicans voted against Stem Cell research. The Democrats voted against raising the minimum wage. The Republicans voted for cutting more taxes on big (rich) families. Everything this Congress has voted on this year was all based on getting re-elected come November. Gas is still $3.00 a gallon but fighting against that doesn’t get you re-elected does it? Shinny object over here does.

Yup, more good bought and paid for government.


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