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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stem Cell Break Through!

The news is out and medical research has found the way to harvest cells from an embryo without destroying the embryo. That in itself is amazing to me. Working on the cellular level and being able to do that is just amazing to my mind.

In the world as we know it the future of so many diseases that destroy young and elderly lives could be wiped out with the possibilities coming from stem cell research. I have to give cudos to the folks that were able to take one cell from an embryo and grow more stem cells from it without destroying the embryo. Simply boggles my mind.

The possibilities for medical science is now beyond anyones guess.

Sometimes God works in ways that just might piss of the folks that think they know him best. Stem Cell research is and will be the medical communities next frontier. Can you thank a researcher for doing what he or she loves? Thank you Mr. or Miss, or Mrs. Researcher. Your work is appreciated by many in so many ways.

Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's could be a thing of the past much like Polio or Small Pox. Grand parents can live to hold a grand child on thier knee and enjoy the love of life. Grand parents are an important part of young childrens lives and they should always be around for as long as they can.


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