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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cowards and Terrorists

How do you fight a war with terrorists? Being a civilized nation we can’t use the same tactics that they do? We can’t hijack a couple of planes and fly them into the tallest buildings in Iraq or Afghanistan? We can’t bomb their subways or trains? We can’t murder their loved ones in the name of God as they choose to claim? What are we as the ones being attacked by an invisible and faceless enemy to do?

I would think that you would start with interrogating the ones arrested in Great Britain today for as long as possible and then some more? I’ve never thought torture for information was right but this days events has me thinking twice on that very topic. If the government of Great Britain chooses to turn the detainees over to the United States and we happen to secretly fly them first class to some country that encourages torture then I might just be okay with that now.

If the reports are true and you do the math, close to or more than 3000 people of the world would have been killed over the Atlantic Ocean just because they were on an American owned and operated airline. This isn’t just American’s on these planes. These are people from all over the world from every nation under the sun. These aren’t just Christians or Jews or Buddhist’s or Hindu’s or Muslim’s or Arab’s and every religion the world has that fly these same airlines as well. The plan was to kill all these people regardless of race, religion, age, sex or add whatever classification you want. I'm asking one question. For what purpose? What form of logic makes you think that innocent people are in fact your military target?

The people that tried to pull this today were not humans in any sense of the word. These people are nameless and faceless cowards that don’t have the guts to be real men and face their enemy in battle. They are simple cowards that brag how they are martyrs before God while they kill innocent and defenseless woman and children while killing themselves as well.

“Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists have been Muslim”. Jay Severin on a Boston radio show made that remark several years ago and somehow it seems to have some consistency to it and I don’t know why? I’m deliberately not providing a link under his name for personal reasons that are political.

How do you fight a war against an enemy that you can’t see? Is this the beginning of the third world war and basically religious martyrs against the world? How do you fight a war against a peaceful religion that has been hijacked by extremists? How do you fight the unknown in a civilized manner without killing the innocents by the hundreds of thousands in the process?

I have a thought but it would never happen because of the almighty dollar to be made in the region. Pull out. Get out and stay out. Pull all American interest in the entire region and keep it out. Drop our tools, leave the keys in the trucks, post a "Free" sign on the embassies and just leave. Just get the hell out and let them continue the fight on thier own over who killed who's goat five thousand years ago.

Anyone have a reply or comment I would really appreciate it….

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