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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ireland and Israel Politics Comparison

Long ago in a generation twice removed in my own family were sons fighting against a cause they felt just and true. Uncles of my father fought for Israel and some of them never came home but others did and Israel never forgot them. Pensions for services rendered were paid.

My own Grandfather was supposedly an IRA member back in the old country but that is a tale past down generation to generation. How true I will never know for sure. The hate that he had for the English was so strong that even after he immigrated to America and married and raised two children to hate the English without question. Children learn hate faster than they do love. Hate is easier to express. Hate has its own way of getting into your blood and sticking to your bones. Love of life and just people takes a ton of work.

America is different. It took two generations in my own family in America for the hate of people of English descent to just simply fade away. My Grand Father hated them for deep personal reasons. My Father hated them less but still hated them for unknown personal reasons. That was a fact of life for him as much as the door to enter your home was a doorway. My own mother’s family had been here for over two hundred plus years so they disagreed with political parties and participated in the system to elect new leaders of America in our own state.

Ireland has changed over the years. The IRA is different today too. Learning that life long lesson is different than firing a gun at the ones you thought you hated. Politically, you can change life. It takes time and it takes a giant leap of faith which the Irish are truly blessed with. Time is kind and she lets it take what it takes to get the job done.

The world is the same all over. People will agree to disagree and sometimes you can not ever change that. Life goes on and if the best you can do is live under the missile attacks and hope to God that it does not hit your neighborhood then that is all you can do. Most of the people on the border of Israel and Lebanon accept that as an every day event anyway. The time has come to stop that for both sides of the border. Living in peace is not so hard to do.

It’s a little known fact that many of the people living in the entire region don’t care who their neighbor is next door. They just want to raise their families in peace. Much like in Northern Ireland they just want their children to grow old and be happy. Living in a war zone is hell on earth and nobody wants that for their children. Sometimes I wonder if it would be wiser to send the children of both sides to the diplomacy tables rather than the so called adults.

My message is this, sometimes you can’t wait a generation or two to let the hate go. Today is as good a day as the next to let it end. Time will tell if the current UN resolution will hold to keep the peace. I’m praying that it will. I’m pretty sure that my God is no different than the Jewish God or the Muslim God or whomever you are praying too.

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