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Friday, August 25, 2006

Race Relations in America

I don't know if I can talk on this subject objectively. One of my best friends is an African American transplanted to New England from the Carolinas. My wife is from Polish blood and I am from Irish blood but we are including my friend and his wife as out best of friends and they are our neighborhood family. Our kids sleep over there house as much as thier daughter sleeps over ours. We give them household needs when they are lacking and they return the favor when we are lacking. Friends do that for friends. There is no black or white in this friendship. We are just friends that have a unique appreciation for one another as just friends that I would never give up. Attack my friend then you are attacking me. That is my personal philosophy. I honestly find it sad that I even have to say that they are an African American family. We never thought there was a difference between people. They are and always will be just our friends.

I can honestly say that I love my friends V and K more than I do some of my own family members. I consider their daughter one of my own because she has been in and out of my home so much that I treat her just like my own children. Our children have been in and out of their home more than you can count. It's life happening in our little city in New England.

Listening to Randi Rhodes on Air America tonight she was off the wall on racism in America and I didn't see it in my little part of the world. She did make a point though, the right side of the isle has an issue with race. They may not say it but they do have an issue with race in our country.

She was asking her listeners to call in or email in how much race relations was a problem in your area. That is where I had an issue with her talking points. I got the message that she was pissed off at all the Republicans spouting of on off the cuff racist remarks but something was amiss with her broadcast. Her anger over the issue of race relations was overbearing and uncomforagle to me as an extreme liberal listener. She made me feel guilty for having the audacity of having not one but several African American friends. Randi stepped beyond the position that I am comfortable with politically with her tirade because she did not just stop at one people but she pushed the envelope of all nations. I never looked at my own friends as anything other than parents trying to raise a family. Why should I? We are in the same boat trying to raise five daughters.

The issue of race or racists comments has no place in America. We are one nation under GOD and that is all there is to it. I think that is what most of us believe one way or the other. Life is to short to start asking if people are afraid or willing to defend their neighbor and friend. I would think that my friend would defend me if someone spoke ill of my heritage and I will always do the same in kind. Racist comments no matter where they come from have no place in this great country.

America needs to know that we as a people united together is a greater force than the worst possible monster that could ever accost us. The war on terror will go the way of the war on drugs. It will fade into a distant past while our soldiers around the world fight on for a brighter future for the world.


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