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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Peace in the Middle East

Some folks say that Peace in the Middle East is an oxymoron. Other folks say we should make it all a glass parking lot and let Israel nuke the whole place. Then there are the folks that say peace is possible if you have the right people talking at the forefront. The situation there is out of control and Israel may have bitten more off than they can chew. Sympathy for Israel defending itself was fine until they moved inland into Lebanon. That is occupation and defending yourself and overwhelming a country unable to defend itself are two different things.

Someone in the world has to step up to the podium and volunteer to be the broker for peace. The United States has a full plate and the current administration does not understand what true and lasting peace is all about. Our political nation no longer has the reputation of a peaceful loving people. The United Nations does not have the backbone to stand strong and force the peace with negotiations or peace talks. It will take a miracle just to get these two sides to even agree to meet to talk. It will take a person of enormous heart and knowledge to get both sides to sit down in the same room and talk.

I don’t know if the person or persons that could get the peace talks started exist but I do know that there are so many people that are willing to try. All that President Bush has to do is ask. That’s all that it takes. He won’t though. Israel and the confrontation with Hezbollah in Lebanon is taking his butt off of the front pages. Less ink for him in the press is always a good thing for him.

Getting these two sides to sit down and talk is going to be hard but that is the only way to end the madness of the differences between them. They need to talk, break bread and agree that the bread was good first. Moving on from there is the tricky part but it can be done.

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Blogger Steve said...

The president made the same mistake that western nations have made with the middle east for ages. He thought he could get groups of people who have centuries' long history of animosity toward each other and force them to get along by showing them "how we do it." Much like how president Clinton erred in Yugoslavia throughout his presidency, there's not a feasible answer to the problem.

There won't be peace in the middle east because there is a constant struggle for control; as if being the one in power makes your version of (religion, history, politics, take your pick) the right version. As long as that continues there can't be peace.

But that's just my two cents.

4:43 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

My thoughts are similar to yours Steve but I think it has to come not from the leaders of the world but the children or teenagers or Mothers or Fathers that are just fed up with all the violence on both sides that it effects. That is where peace in the middle east needs to be nurtured and the seed planted.

Anger and hate is the only thing that seems to come out of the news from the whole area. Well they have on hell of a bumper crop this season!

Wasn't there some kind of kids camp in this country that took so many kids from Israel and so many kids from Lebanon or Syria and they spent the summer here in the US and got to know who they were just as people and not an Arab or a Jew?

My two cents and your two cents we almost have a nickle.

Somebody pass the jar around and post a thought on the subject!

8:00 PM  

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