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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

States Legislating Federal Agenda

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California would become the first state to impose a limit on all greenhouse gas emissions, including those from industrial plants, under a landmark deal reached Wednesday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative Democrats. – Washington Post

Just one more point of fact that the states on their own are willing to take on the tough issues where the federal government is gridlocked. I for one congratulate the state of California for doing what is right for its own citizens when Washington D.C. is to busy bickering over gay marriage and flag burning and the minimum wage. Washington is a joke and we all are to blame when you come right down to it. We voted the SOB’s into office and keep them there for the next thirty or more years.

Could you imagine Capitol Hill full of Strum Thurman’s? Debating the ethical use of elderly diapers as it applies to the war on terror. I know that Strum is passed away but that is the case in most federal elections to office. Once you have the golden ticket, it’s yours for life!

Which leads me to ask if our current system of government is no longer effective can it be replaced by the individual states legislating from the home base on everything that needs to be done? It seems to me that that is already happening. So is our form of government dictating its own demise by refusing to deal with the needs of its people?

I have to answer that for myself as yes and no. Yes is due to the fact that we need new blood across the board. No because much of the past laws of our land are good for society as a whole nation.

Our nation has been hijacked by an ideology that has gone to far. No matter how you cut it there is only one man that signs the laws passed by the house and senate into becoming a law. George Bush the emperor want to be.

I’m not saying you should vote Democrat this November but you should give it a bunch of heart felt thought before you accept the status quo once more. If you think that life could be better then make your vote count and vote for the new blood running for any federal office.


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Blogger John Myste said...

How did you know about it? That is my question?

9:32 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

This is from back in 2006 so I am guessing that I found it on the Washington Post. Check the link in the piece. It might be dead now though.

11:26 AM  

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