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Monday, August 14, 2006

New Leaders for America

Life in this world of ours is not easy. People will forever be people and battles against one another will break out here and there over ideology or religion or even monetary policy. People as a whole will never change. History tells us that with every year that passes. The people with the most money will rule over the ones with the least. That is and has been the common sense of American politics since the Revolutionary War.

Even George Washington, our first President of the United States of America was looking out for his own interest by fighting the Revolution of America against the crown of England. He had more to lose if he did not fight for freedom and the end of England’s rule over the colonies. When the war started he could never turn back. He was committed to our nation and our ideas of liberty and justice for all.

Look at today’s leaders of our nation and it makes you wonder who they really care about? It isn’t you or I. There is no gain in thinking about the poor of our great nation when millions of dollars can flow into a campaign from the select few.

I read once that the politicians wanting the power to run our nation need not be concerned with the lower classes because they do not vote. That is something the nation needs to hear. Your opinion does not matter if you choose not to vote. They win, and your voice is silent if you choose not to vote.

Freedom from oppression has many faces and sometimes it comes in the form of your own government. You as a citizen have the right to vote. If you choose to ignore that right then you are forced to accept what they legislate as law.

Educate your children on the importance of voting. That is the first step on getting your voices and arguments pro or con known.

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