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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mass a two sticks Governors Race

Mass a two sticks is a nickname I have given my state because we are so over taxed for our own protection that that is pretty much all you have left over on pay day. The Governors race is on and all the candidates are out and running for their lives for Governor Mitt Romney’s (R) corner office. Mass a two sticks has what you would call the Oxymoron Governors Race. Let me explain… We are one of the most Liberal states in the nation with Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry as our Senators and I don’t think I have to explain any further on being a liberal state given our Senators. As a state, we are pretty much all Democrats but we have what I would like to think our token Republicans. So why do we elect Republican Governors over and over again?

Here is the Why of that question. Checks and balances. I’ll vote for a Democrat State Rep. and a Democrat State Senator because that is pretty much the only choice on the ballot. Mind you I’m as liberal as you can get but then again I am an Irish Catholic father of five. Then I have to look at the dilemma of voting my check book and what is left over for Governor. Most Democrats in the state are very much aware of the citizens income tax reduction initiative that has been voted on twice and passed twice that has been repealed by the overwhelming Democrat led legislature twice. Mass a two sticks besides all of its liberal preferences is still an Old Yankee state. (No offense to die hard Red Sox Fans including my five daughters).

This is where the Moderate Democrats come into the equation. Moderate Democrats ensure that the state has checks and balances by voting for a Republican Governor. In prosperous times our legislature takes in the large amounts of revenue from an expanding economy and try’s its best to spend that and then some. They forget that from time to time things turn south for the winter and rather than cut programs they expand them and increase taxes on the citizens. To which the Governor has the ultimate veto and line item authority. Moderate Democrats are the true base of the Bay State.

Getting past that point, the Boston Globe staff reporter Cristina Silva had a confusing piece on Kerry Healy who is the Republican go to woman for the next Governor. I for one am leaning toward the Attorney General Tom Reilly but that topic is for another post on another day. I thought Healy was clear on her pro choice stance which is rare for a Republican but some folks have issue with her lack of replying to their questionnaires.

I usually don’t cover state or local politics but this election result could lead into what happens to our current Governor Mitt Romney in his bid for the Presidency in 2008. Interesting fact from the article on how he flip flopped on the abortion issue from his Governors race just a few years ago to say he isn't running for President but is running?

Things that make you go Hmmmm?


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