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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

K Street Prostitutes for Hire

In the capitol our great nation there is a street called K Street. That is where the prostitutes known as lobbyists hang out to be at the beck and call girl status of the highest bidder. It looks like to the girls down on K Street that the highest bidder is going to be the Democrats in the coming election.

K Street and its own houses of ill repute are hiring Democrats willing to sell their souls in an alarming rate according to this story in the Washington Post.

This is how the system really works. Send the money to the new coming power and hope to get your bidding done. Most of these lobbying companies represent the biggest companies in America and they don’t care who is in power and for what reason. Money talks and politicians love money. Here we go with the beginning of the sell out of America from the Democratic side. This might not be as painful as you would think but it is going to cost you some blood along the way. Big Business is important to America and her economy and you are just one little cog in that wheel. Shut the hell up and take what they tell you is good for you.

Do the math and figure it out for yourself. The tax on a gallon of gasoline at $1.50 is nothing compared to the tax at $4.00 a gallon. The haves and have nots will never be the same and the haves in fact have the nation by the short hairs and will never let go. Not as long as BP, or Exxon, or Shell, or pick any energy company has K Street on speed dial with a ton of cash.

Guess where that ton of cash came from.... Yup. You know the answer already. Welcome to American politics and how our once great nation works.

Things that make you go hmmmmm????

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