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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Best Friends

Sometimes in life you come along to meet a few people that you can say are your friend and then sometimes you come across some people or someone that is a good friend. Then you come across and pass to the next level to someone that is or has the potential to be a best friend for life. It depends on the circumstances that the friendship evolves on and what life deals the two of you and how as friends together solve life and all the challenges it makes you face.

It isn’t like falling in love where you try to find all the answers to your loves life? Friendship is different somehow? New best friends are even harder to understand but it makes you comfortable and happy and you can say or do whatever and its okay or they tell you to cut the crap. New best friends are the new conscience of your mind where as the old best friends are so familiar with your crap that they just look at it as the norm. Whatever you do is fine as long as you don’t puke on the dog again so to speak.

In the story of all of our lives we will all go through best friends from time to time and it isn’t that we have forgotten the best friend bond. It is that you as a person have moved on emotionally or physically or geographically. BUTT, big old hairy Butt, the bond you both relished never really leaves you from that best friend you knew once. Life has changed for you and for them. That is a force and fact of life that most of us do not have the choice to fight against but it will happen.

You graduate High School and move on. You graduate college and move on. You move from one house to another. You change jobs. You make choices for your own life that are important to you as and individual and your immediate friends accept it because they don’t have the tight bond with you as a person. Your close friends and people you call your neighbors will miss you and you them if you have to move. Your best friend and that relationship will never change no matter your location. Or for that matter your situation.

I’ve had situations in my life where my best friends have been out of the picture for years. They were going through tough times or moved away or whatever the circumstances. Picking up the phone and calling them brings back all the memories and today is yesterday. No time has passed. The bond lives on. The trust, the faith, the willing to do anything for them is still there. Why that bond survives so many years of absence I will never know but it just does. I am not an angel or someone that most people would call a friend or even a best friend but the ones I have been graced with over the years I have lived are still my best friends. You can’t take it away once you have it.

Your best friends of yesterday are never forgotten and never will be. That is humanity at its absolute best and I thank God for it. I also thank God for the new best friends I will meet in my travels and tribulations we all call life. Life is what we all make of it and finding new best friends is just one of the perks.

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