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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson and Rabbi Marc Gellman

I have to say that News Week's Rabbi Marc Gellman has some seriously good points on this whole Mel Gibson crime against humanity. What Mel Gibson did frankly scares me. He is the father of a bunch of kids and he is out there being stupid. I for one can never say that his driving drunk is forgivable because it only takes one head on collision to destroy not just one family but many.

You see it to often in the news and in the papers on yet one more idiot thinking he or she can toss down a twelve pack at the bar and get behind the wheel. The lives effected after the fact are numerous and impossible to track. Basically, if you drink and drive you are an idiot in a three ton bomb looking for a target to hit. Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI and I'm sure now that he has time to think about it he is probably thanking God above that he was.

I honestly can't say that I have never gotten behind the wheel after just putting a drink down. I'm guilty too. I was younger and far more foolish and yes STUPID!

Getting to his racial comments, while intoxicated, I do have to say that most of us say some pretty idiotic stuff after we have been drinking. For most of us the press isn't always ten or twenty feet away listening to every word we say. I prefer to live by the words of Jesus at the stoning of Mary Magdelan. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Do I agree with Mel Gibsons racial insults? Hell NO! Drunks say idiotic things especially when they are about to be arrested for doing something they honestly know was stupid. Do I agree with Rabbi Marc Gellman, absolutely!

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