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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bush and the Republican Slamming Door

President Bush has jammed through Congress some serious legislation that pretty much grants himself a pardon for the actions he used to get America into the war in Iraq. His focus is solely based on covering his own ass and his own political party doesn't see the trees for the forest?

The slamming door to this President will come this November when the political clout he thought he had over America is wiped clean out of the government with the elections. I'm seeing poll after poll and it isn't just the Congress that is going to switch power but the Senate is close to losing Republican control as well.

This is not a bad thing in my mind. I for one have had it with the spin control of this government and the bate and switch legislation. Yes the Republicans wanted to raise the minimum wage but the United States Treasury had to cough up a hair ball for estate taxes on the richest one percent of our nation the size of Montana if it was to pass.

The last days of the Republican controlled government are going to be filled with the give aways to the top and the screwing over of everyone else in America. George Bush is going to finally take out his veto pen when this next Congress takes office.

Hopefully, the Democrats will take enough seats in both houses to make sure that his pen is fresh out of ink.

We shall see...


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