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Friday, September 22, 2006

President John Adams Books on Display in Boston

Down in Boston they are showing to the public the full library of President John Adams that was once reserved for researchers only. This is huge for history buffs that come to Boston just for all the sites and places that played a significant part in this great nation’s birth.

In the pantheon of Founding Fathers, John Adams is usually considered an also-ran. There is no memorial to him in Washington, no portrait of him on US currency, no singular achievement that is drilled into the heads of schoolchildren from Maine to California.

But opening today at the Boston Public Library is the first public exhibition of the second president's vast personal library, a priceless collection of 3,802 works whose breadth helps show why this Braintree farmer is gaining recognition as one of the true American giants.
– Boston Globe

Living just sixty minutes from Boston I'm looking forward to taking a day trip into the city just to see the collection. The Adams family was the first political dynasty of our nation and I would love to see the written words in the second President of the United States of America’s private collection of books. The bonus to seeing the collection is that this President loved to make notes in the margins of every single book he read. Comments to the author of the book and if you think about it the first blogger in American history. Those notes alone will tell people and history so much more about the man that followed George Washington's foot steps.

Hey cut me some slack I love Presidential history.... Twenty years from now I might just take a trip to Texas to see all of our current Presidents coloring books.


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