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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Muslims and Christians

I have to agree with my friend over at the Gun Toting Liberal site that Muslims and Christians don't have that much of a difference between them when you get right down to it. Kids to get to school, jobs to go to and pay the rent from. Sports games that the little ones are involved in. I could go on and on. In America religion is different and politics is different. That is the vast difference between an American ideology of government and for the most part the majority of governments in the Middle East.

Here in America we can argue over church and state issues and then go smoke a butt and laugh about the comedy on the idiot box the night before. Life in the Middle East is do or die religion. If you forsake your religion you forsake your government over in the Middle East and then people will come to kill you for it. Those people are your own family sometimes! Tell me it isn't a fact and I will retract that sentence in a heart beat.

Muslims and Christians can find peace in America because of the strong foundation that has been placed down in our government and our laws to protect freedom of religion in any form. That is why the people that can do so immigrate here to America and they are the ones with degrees with tons of letters after them. I'm thinking that we as Americans do not want to shut down the brainiac flow from the Middle East.

Any government around the world based on religion alone is bound to fail through its own interpertations from religious reasoning. Government and Religion should never mix. George Bush can not push his faith on the Muslim world because he wants democracy when theocracy is all they have ever known.


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