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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Political Investment

What is the value of an investment to each person? If you buy a stock you are investing in a companies short or long term future. True investors look to the long term payback. Short investors look at the slide in value of the company. Profiteers see the spikes and jump in and jump out just as fast.

What about politics? Investing in an election of someone to political office. Whatever your investment is it is what it is. An investment. If you donate time, then you see the long term future. If you donate money you see the short term future. If you donate money to the oppossing candidate you are still seeing the future but you are betting against them winning with your investment.

Politics is a funny bussiness. You can be the golden child one day and the next day tossed to the curb. I invested in one Presidential race and I lost my shirt but I didn't loose my belief that he had the message I wanted for America. I wouldn't invest in him again but there will be others that I will send a check off too.

America is a long term experiment and each generation has to figure it out all over again. Life changes. World changing events happen. Wars happen for one reason or another and you have to invest your thoughts into the process if you want the same old same old or a little something different.

Investing in the future takes many avenues and so many people just never see it. It isn't politics that they hate, its the need for funds to pay for the politics that they hate. Campaign finance reform would work if we had the voices to make it so but that is an investment for another day.


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