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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Papamoka is Endorsing Deval Patrick for Governor of Massatwosticks!

By Frank Phillips and Andrea Estes, Globe Staff September 26, 2006
The four candidates for governor sparred yesterday over the Romney administration's handling of the Big Dig, forcing Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey to defend the administration's role in the project. They also drew sharp lines on issues of immigration, education, and taxes.
– Boston Globe

Do you remember what fresh air smelled like in politics? In Mass a two sticks we really haven’t had that luxury in a real long time. Deval Patrick is talking the issues and putting up dozens of ideas for anything that concerns the voters of our state. Pick a subject and he has an idea to make it better and make it work.

He reminds me of the times when people ran for office in order to make a difference in peoples lives rather than point at whom is to blame. Politics as they are he isn’t afraid to throw a punch and I commend him for defending himself and his party when questioned negatively.

Kerry Healey is throwing mud and hoping it will stick and unfortunately for her it makes her look weak. Tonight on the news she tossed out the future possibility of debating the Independent candidate and the Green Party candidate in any future debates. She just could not take the heat from people with the right to be on the ballot to question her own administrations lack of common sense when it comes to governing this state.

Even the current Governor had a few words to put in on the discussion but he is hoping for bigger fish down the road in 2008. Governor Mitt, sit down and let her fight her own damn battles. You made your choice not to run and I don’t appreciate you using your office to politic for your Lt. Governor. I think I hear a primary in Iowa coming up. And there he goes…

Deval Patrick is a different kind of politician. I can't put my finger on it because I have not seen the likes of his style and class in years. Way to many years. This is a man with serious integrity and an honest belief that he can make a difference in the world. I salute him for that and appreciate the guts it took for him to run for governor. I look forward to his national status down the road because he is just what he is. Deval Patrick. An honest man has nothing to fear as long as he is truthful to himself. Deval Patrick is just that. An honest man.

Papamoka is backing and fully endorsing Deval Patrick for Governor and Tim Murray for Lt. Governor.


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