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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cop Killers and the Death Penalty

CASSADAGA, N.Y. - One of two troopers ambushed while searching for an escaped convict died Sunday of his injuries, and state police vowed to capture the man they believe killed him.
Joseph Longobardo was shot in the leg Thursday night while staking out the property of a former girlfriend of Ralph “Bucky” Phillips. He died at a Buffalo hospital, a day after his leg was amputated, with his wife at his side, State Police Superintendent Wayne Bennett said.

His death came in the midst of one of the largest manhunts in New York history. State police warn that Phillips, who has been on the run for five months, could hurt anyone who gets in his way.-
Associated Press posted on MSNBC

Pick any crime you want and I am against the death penalty for the most part. Kill a law enforcement office and I am pro death penalty. Same thing goes for anyone that murders a child or a woman.

My thinking on the cop killers is that the police are our last line of defense as far as carrying on a civil society. Step out of line, break the laws of the land then the police are there to protect and defend our laws. When you shoot one of my brothers in uniform you are in fact shooting at me as well.

As liberal as I am and with a deep religious belief I have no problem throwing the switch when it comes to cop killers. Eye for an eye.


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