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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kids with Cancer

As a parent I pray to God that none of my five girls ever come down with cancer. Kids with cancer is one of the worst battles any parent can fight. You have to be the better emotionally controlled person to tell your child that all will be fine while you fight with the people that say that certain treatments are not covered and the bills mount up. It is a battle that you never want to fight and I pray that many of my readers never have to face. To have a child that is suffering from cancer is hard enough. When the bills for the treatments come in it is even harder.

A friend of mine is going to shave his head to support kids with cancer for a fourth year in a row. Greg Wies lives outside of the St. Louis, MO area and has a heart as big as the whole outdooors for kids with cancer. It is a noble cause. He is a good man in times when you question the honor of many.

If you care to donate to the cause then please like this post on your Facebook page first. Spread the word about these kids and the families that they have. Click on the child's picture above to donate to Greg's efforts to help out another parent of yet one more kid with cancer. As a parent I would sell my soul to save my child from cancer and I think that you would too. Help out another parent before you are in their shoes. If all you have is a dollar to donate then that is one dollar of hope that these kids didn't have before. Many small donations when combined together can and will make a difference.

I hope that this effort and post helps. Papamoka loves kids and hates to see even one sick.

Thank you,

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Blogger Sue said...

God Bless the little children!! NOTHING in this world breaks my heart like a child with a terminal illness. I can't even fathom what the parents go through while the children always seem to be so strong! It's a tear jerker for sure sweetie..<3

2:43 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Spread the word Sue. On your facebook page and on your blog. I would love to see my friend Greg break the barrier of razing $2000 for kids with cancer by a crap load of money. It takes no effort to write a post for such a great cause. Back your lil bro up sis. Love to ya sis.

6:48 PM  

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