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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pat Buchanan, the other White Meat

It doesn't take much to come to the conclusion that Pat Buchanan, former Nixon speech writer and Republican candidate for President long ago in a galaxy far far away is a white supremist. In his fat and happy little world, all things are controlled by rich, white, Republicans. There are no woman equal to the task of the SCOTUS, there are no people of any race other than his lily white skin that deserve to be in high office.

I think it is only right that we award Mr. Buchanan the SCUMBAG trophy. This idiot that MSNBC has on the payroll for every news magazine show they have is a throwback to times long gone bye bye. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears for this interview with Rachel Maddow with our SCUMBAG recipient. Pat actually thinks that America was built only by rich white folks. He actually thinks that someone like Judge Sotomayor, who graduated at the top of her class isn’t smart enough for SCOTUS??? MSNBC should fire his fat white ass! Or is MSNBC backing up what their paid political spokesman has to say?

Here we go from You Tube…
Video Link

Thank you Rachel Maddow for bitch slapping this moron! Here is your SCUMBAG award Pat, hand crafted by artisans working with a shovel down at the local sewerage treatment plant. You might want to run the AC in your car on the way home Pat, heat tends to make our trophy give off odors that tend to match the words coming out of your mouth.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow what a racist that he doesn't think Sotomayer is qualified.
Obama doesn't think Clarence Thomas is qualified either. Hmm how can we justify that one?
One guess-How dare they put an African American Conservative on the Supreme Court.TRAITOR!

5:01 PM  
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