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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bloody Battle Over Health Care

Is it fair to say that healthcare is something that every working American is concerned about? Would it also be fair to say that each year your employer is under the gun by an industry that is out of control and if they are paying X amount of dollars they are held hostage to pay XYZ more in dollars for the same health care plan. And then the covered benefits drop!

Health care in America is out of control. Ask any business owner that has to face this issue every single year and he or she will tell you that it is the biggest expense of doing business and keeping employees. Ten, twenty, even thirty percent increase every single year is not uncommon to provide health care to your employees. Employers suck it up, shop for better plans but the cost is still higher every single year. Ergo, the cost to the employee grows every single year. The cost of doing business grows and it is a problem that can and will end America’s ability to be the leader of the free world. If we can not take care of the weakest amongst us then our basis as a nation that is or was based on freedom is lost.

As a concerned person thinking about this issue you can not and should not rely on any one source as to the cost that it will end up to you. Most companies pay 50% to 75% of health care for employees. It’s rare to find a company that pays all of it. Bottom line is that the cost keeps going up year after year and that cost has to be paid from someone. All of the people not insured or covered that use the emergency room in your city adds to the cost for everyone that pays for health insurance. And don’t you think for a minute that your job is safe when the cost of doing business just across the border in Mexico is dirt cheap. Corporations are moving manufacturing jobs across the border at an alarming rate simply because they can not afford to do business in America. Stock holders rule and you lose! End of discussion as the corporate boys toss down another martini at the nineteeth hole.

It is entirely up to you, believe the lies that pundits are selling against a national health care system or invest in the future for America that provides Social Security for its elderly and can and should demand a health care system for all of her people. Once more this discussion comes down to the middle class that pays the bulk of taxes. Are your willing to end the brunt of paying for everyone elses healthcare? Do you as a taxpayer have a problem with rolling back the tax cuts for the mega rich back to the President Clinton era? Do you as a taxpayer have a problem with that money used to insure the folks using the emergency room like the local clinic?

Health care in our country is a joke. We can do better and should do better. The United States of Ameica is the worlds only super power left and yet we are the worst at caring for our own people. Our nation is under the gun with the cost of health care and there is only so much time before the machine gun cost from the health care providers makes wood chips out of the door that is your paycheck and health care. Employers all across America can not afford the increases that health care cost so what is the alternative? Moving manufacturing jobs to Mexico or Canada works for the bottom line and stock holder value! How does that fit with your bitch fest argument against health care reform when your paycheck goes out of the country? I don't know about your town but here in my city they are dumping jobs to Mexico like there is no tomorow. This issue on health care will come to a fight, and it will end up being resolved when it isn't a question of if you can get medical attention when you need it but if you deserve it as an American citizen.


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