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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Virginia Foxx Nut Job on Healthcare

I should first start off by offering this little piece of information about the Republican nut job from North Carolina, she claims that every American has health care. I can’t make this stuff up! She said it, believes it, and is freakin’ delusional! I wonder what her net worth is to be able to boast this lie about our healthcare system? “All Americans have healthcare”. Raise your hand if you know of someone that does not have health care? Email Congressmen Foxx if you do not have health care insurance. Check out her statement, you have health care…

(No video, just a sound bite)

Is she right? I hate to say it but she is correct. It’s called an emergency room! That’s the problem Virginia! DUH IS YOU Virginia. That is what is busting our health insurance system. Yes you can go to the ER if you have a medical emergency, and yes you will get patched up and sent home. The issue Mrs. Foxx, God that is ironic (she gets and extra X in her name to differentiate the filth and lies Fox News reports as almost the truth), is that emergency rooms do not and will not treat long term health care problems like cancer, leukemia, muscle disorders like MS or can I go through a plethora of other life threatening medical problems that millions of Americans face every single day. Emergency rooms are not for long term treatment that could save lives!

I’m an American citizen, born here, raised in Worcester County my entire life. I don’t have health insurance. I more or less work for myself now and I can’t get affordable health insurance even from the state of Massachusetts because my parents didn’t have a name for me before they left the hospital that I was born in. My birth certificate reads pure and simple “--- O’Keefe” and the fact that I was a baby boy born to Jack and Louise O‘Keefe. Feel free to call me Dash. The kids are covered but I’m screwed no matter how many times I tried to prove that I am and have been an American citizen.

Do I have long term health problems? You betcha I do and I can’t see the specialty doctors at UMASS Hospital that I had when I was gainfully employed. So I deal with it and live with it. I’m not important in this battle simply because there are so many more people that DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE that are important to this countries future. He or she may be sitting right next to you at this very moment. Without health insurance for all of our people then only the silent voices of the sick and poor will pass out of our range of hearing. That works fine for those of us with tons of cash in the bank and have a voice and pulpit to preach from. It doesn’t work for those of us hoping that the symptoms and progression of our medical issue that grows worse daily will not or does not take us one step closer to the casket. We have so much to offer and Virginia Foxx is lying for the sake of the almighty dollar and whatever connections she has financially to her political office. How do you sleep at night Virginia? Follow the money is always the rule of thumb. I dare to wonder how many skeletons are in the Foxx closet.

Life is precious and anyone that comes out with a statement as moronic as Virginia Foxx’s, that declares all Americans have health insurance should be questioned and that statement vilified. I personally find it more than stupefying that she is so anti abortion and yet she has no problem with letting millions of Americans die each year simply because they have no health insurance. What is the difference Virginia? What is the difference?

This fight for healthcare for all Americans isn’t a right verse left issue. It is a fight for life. Defend your argument against life from the right side of the political spectrum. If you can’t your stance against health care for all, then why is the right side of politics so much against healthcare for all Americans?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Foxx should be removed from office. There is a related post and comment at

5:50 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

I'll bet Foxx is in church every Sunday pretending to adore the teachings of Jesus.


8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great anti-Foxx rant at:

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Olique Estefan said...

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