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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Thank You Lawrence Davis Jr. for Your Service

How would you react to a veteran of WWII being buried in a cardboard box without any consideration other than to put his sorry ass six feet under?  Would you be pissed or just think that it isn't important to really think about because you have popcorn in the microwave?

Lawrence Davis Jr. was buried in a cardboard box in the Veterans Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida in 2004. Lawrence Davis Jr. was a United States Army veteran of WWII. He received a so called respectful burial because he had no family?  I don't think so.  Is a respectful burial a card board box?  Somebody at the cemetery mentioned his name in a ceremony sometime in 2004 and that is all the respect this soldier received for fighting for his country in WWII. The state of Florida, the Veterans Administration, and the funeral home or mortuary that handled his remains have some serious explaining to do.

The discovery of a World War II veteran buried in a cardboard box at Florida National Cemetery has triggered outrage in Congress.

Workers made the discovery after they removed a headstone at the cemetery in Bushnell during routine maintenance, reported Saturday.

The veteran named Lawrence Davis Jr. died in 2004 and had no loved ones to make funeral arrangements for him. He was buried in a shallow grave with no casket.

The medical examiner sent Davis' remains in a cardboard box, and they were buried in the same box.
Veterans Affairs manager Maurice Roan said, "We usually bury the container they come in as long as it's sealed. We make every effort to make sure they get a dignified burial."

He added that the department goes out of its way to show dignity and respect.

We are a nation that owe all of our freedom and rights to people that have served in our military since the 1700's.  This man deserves the same right as any veteran to have a full military funeral no matter his rank or his final lot in life.  He served, he fought for all of us.  And this is how we as a people take care of our veterans?  We should be ashamed.

I went to a funeral once for a man that had no family and no children when I was just 18 years old.  I worked for a hospital in Worcester, MA as a janitor and used to talk to the old man when I was in his room emptying trash and cleaning up the room.  He was pretty sick. He passed away and I went to the Catholic church not far from Showcase Cinemas on Main street in Worcester for the service.  I was the only one there.  It was me, the priest, and the casket for the entire service.  I was far to young to realize how sad a day that was but it was what it was.  I said my prayers for him and thanked him for the many laughs we had in the short time that I knew him.  All I remember was that his casket was covered with our nations flag and it was a proper service for a man that served our nation.

Lawrence Davis Jr. deserves our countries gratitude and thanks.  Or would you prefer giving a Nazi salute or maybe bowing in submission as subservient to all of our political leaders if this man never existed?  That is how he was treated and it is just wrong.

To all the Veteran's out there.  I thank you for what you did for America and what you defended should make you proud.  Thank you.  Lawrence Davis Jr. deserves that same gratitude.  Don't you think?  I thank you for your service Lawrence Davis Jr.  You deserved better treatment.


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