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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mitt Romney Bus Tour Joke

Picture courtesy of a Sue on facebook...

This was taken today in Ohio where the Mitt Romney aka Mittens for President bus tour is out to meet and greet the masses.  Three cops, ten or more Secret Service agents, twenty five or more reporters, and one guy that was just looking for directions to get to Indiana.  Sad.  Just sad.

One thing is certain in this election.  Romney will never be President of the United States.  Even a US Congress representative draws more supporters.  Speaking of that, where are his GOP supporters from the House and Senate from Ohio?

Four more years of Obama, good, very good.  Enjoy the bus ride Mitt.  See America on other peoples donations for your nation wide "Nobody Likes Me Tour".

Go back home Mitt, pick one of your many homes.  The 99% have the President's back.


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