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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Memorial

There will never be enough tears for that horrible day on September 11, 2001. The beautiful waterfalls on the footprint of each tower and the names of each person lost will never bring them back. NEVER. The water falling over those beautifully built memorial decorations will never match the amount of tears cried. When you think of the actual intent of the attack on America it was a political mental masturbation by one person that corrupted an entire religion for the sake of what he personally thought God wanted. In reality, it was two political systems sick that used to be in cahoots with one another and they were simply tired of dealing with each other. The two sides could no longer work together and then became enemies. ALL POLITICS!

The end result was thousands of innocent lives lost on 9/11 that will live on in American history as a reason to fight extremist of every kind. Our nation has paid a heavy price for our vengeance and those days need to end. We need to move forward and stop paying the vengeance forward with our military sons and daughters. We as a nation do not need to fight the war that is thousands of years old of who killed who's goat that has been going on for over a millennium in the Middle East.

There was a mindset in this country several generation ago in law enforcement when it came to the Gangster Wars. They make our jobs easier if they keep killing each other. And in the words of Ule Brenner as the Pharo in the classic movie The Ten Commandments, "So let it be written and so let it be done. We need to get out of the Middle East and back in touch with the people of America. Our nations resources in law enforcement do not need to forget the mission but our troops need to come home. Ten years is enough. Let them settle tribe differences the way they have always done. Vengeance, and more vengeance, and more vengeance, and more vengeance. It is a way of life in their countries. It is not ours. That is not the American way. Never has been and never should be.

I have a little watched link in the sidebar that counts the number of troops that have been killed since these two wars started that you should look at. Add it to your own site if you like. It scares me that the number keeps growing and the end result is that nothing will ever change if the mentality of revenge keeps existing. You can not change a culture that is refusing to accept change. You can not bomb or kill enough people where the culture that you are fighting only sees that a reason for revenge. It has never happened as the result of war. Never. And it never will.

For all of my friends that have a close six degree of separation to 9/11, you are in my thoughts and prayers. For all the military families that have lost a loved one, you are in my prayers also. One thought that keeps coming back to my mind is that I can never forget all of the innocents killed on that day. I just can't get that out of my head. Call me stupid for thinking that enough blood has been shed for a goat killed 1000 years ago. But I think we all can say that the leader of the extremist group has been taken out, the leader of Iraq has been taken out, and the leadership Taliban in Afghanistan has been taken out? What left is to be done? Can we get the hell out of there now? Or do we have to bring Jesus Christ back to make it an okay plan that is acceptable to all political faction to get the hell out of the Middle East?

God bless all of the souls of the fire fighters, police, and all of the other first responders that went in where everyone else was running out that paid the ultimate price for saving another persons life. For all the innocents lost to a madman and his quest for revenge I pray for eternal peace for your souls. Rest in peace and dance with Kings.


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Blogger John Myste said...

Living well is the best revenge has never been truer than it is in this case.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Jersey McJones said...

You summed up why I always felt disgusted by 9/11:

Whatever the evil and malevolence of the terrorists, whatever the greed and stupidity of our powers that be, the people that died on 9/11 were innocent of any connection, let alone crime, against any of them.


11:21 PM  

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