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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Rick Perry Third Rail

In politics there are several topics that are hot spots that can burn your ass. One such topic is Social Security. People like Social Security because it is a plan they have paid into all of their lives and it is supposed to be guaranteed. As much smoke and mirrors that is played into the funding of it the system is sound for decades. Most people never plan for retirement and that is going to be the only income they have in their retirement. For some people that is all they can afford and it is what it is. Not everyone is a business owner, some of us are the people doing the work to make that business thrive for meager wages.

Along comes the Tea Party and the folks that think that the government does not owe you a retirement even if you paid for it all you life. Then comes the politicians running on the extreme fringe like Rick Perry (R) Texas, that thinks that he can friend the extremist while he runs for President under the GOP ticket. NOT going to happen Ricky. Even hinting that Social Security needs to go the way of the dinosaurs is a third rail in politics. I should explain.

Social Security was enacted to protect the workers of America that could not save for retirement and ended up on the streets, no support, and eventually buried in poppers fields because they were the workers that worked for poor wages and lived in poverty all of their lives. The only ones profiting from their hard work were the business owners. President Roosevelt ended that cycle by passing Social Security to make people have a guaranteed income when they were in their declining years. FDR passed it to protect the lower classes and the elderly. And yes he screwed over business owners to make them take care of their workers. God bless his heart.

I should explain further that the Presidency of this country can only be won with the swing of the moderate vote of both parties. A larger portion of the political pie than people think. Be you Democrat or Republican, and if phasing out Social Security is a political candidates forum, would you vote for them? Hell NO! Stupid move on Governor Rick Perry's part.

Grab that third rail of politics Rick Perry and I guarantee that you will be the Governor from Texas that just ran for President and was blown out of the water by some old folks in their fifties to eighties that saw your threat on their wallet and voted no for you candidacy. You sir are a Double Dumb Ass winner. You sir need someone that has a clue as how to run a national campaign. You should call Mitt Romney or hitch a ride on Sara Palin's bus.

Just stupid.


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Blogger John Myste said...

I should explain further that the Presidency of this country can only be won with the swing of the moderate vote of both parties.

So true, but it can be lost because your disgruntled base did not show up to vote. Obama will probably be re-elected because the alternatives even make the nuts and fruitcakes cringe for a better choice.

In a normal election where Obama had to compete, he would be in serious trouble.

Even if we assume that the base loyalists make up less than 40% on each side, that is enough to create a serious problem if a fourth of the base stays home. It is a loss of 10% of the total vote that would have added to his total, which is enough to finish him off.

There are only two things Rush Limbaugh ever said that impressed me. The first was something like this (I am paraphrasing completely):

No one has every one a presidential election without the support of their base, which is the majority of votes they will get, if their base votes. You cannot compromise your base, no matter the cost of not doing it.

This was many years ago and he was arguing that conservatives running for the presidency weren’t conservative enough. Be careful what you wish for, right?

In the interest of completion, I will tell you the other Rush quote that impressed me, one he borrowed from Tiger Woods, again completely paraphrased: “Do what you love and the money will come.”

I don’t think this is usually true, but I think passion for what you do tends to make you better, more dedicated, and makes you consider it less work. While I don’t think the money will always come in this highly competitive world, if you aren’t doing what you love, the money probably will not come. The richest people in the world love what they do. Also, if you aren’t doing what you love, even if some money trickles in, your life is an ultimate failure.

I want to do what I love, which is writing, more than anything else. I am not doing it because I cannot afford it.

Oh well, it was a good quote anyway. OK, must get back to work. All slaves must.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

John, I tend to think that the Democrat Party has its base in line to more a degree than the Republican Party. Republican's are fractioned in all different directions with conservative and ultimate conservatives IE the Tea Party. If you don't tow the line of the Tea Party then they abandon ship and back someone that could never be elected President by the moderate voters of both of the major parties. The question becomes this, do we have an oligarchy for a political system? Is the independent vote lost? I don't personally think so but it is wavering given the economy and unemployment facts.

I would love to see Ricky Perry run against Obama just for the political articles that I could get out of it. Obama would kick his ass in any debates. And yes I am an Obama supporter. Duh is me but the alternatives all suck ass mentally.

8:30 PM  
Blogger John Myste said...

You are right. The Republican Party is divided right now. There are the crazies and the minority, the not crazies. However, both groups are united in their hatred of Obama and that will bring them to the voting booths.

Obama’s base is also divided. The loyalists and those who see him as closer to a conservative than a liberal. Many of those who don’t respect him will not vote at all in protest.

This will give the support of the base advantage clearly to the Republicans. The only way Obama can overcome this deficit of support is to win, not the majority, but most of the independent vote.

As you pointed out, if Perry wins, then Obama may have the votes he needs.

The good news is, Perry or someone like him should win. After the first Republican debate around 80% of the republican base was very far right, meaning they would were not voting for Huntsman or Romney. When candidates like Bachmann fall out, they will move to another radical candidate, not to the center. Therefore, unless those in the center do something major and extraordinary, they have no chance of getting the popular vote in the primary. This means that someone, probably Perry, who has less of a chance in the General election will likely win the primary, thank God.

I think any democrat who can, should support Perry in the Republican primaries. It is the right thing to do if we want Obama to stay in office.

10:25 PM  

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