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Friday, May 18, 2012

America is Freedom

Take yourself out of the illegal immigration thought process and look at America from a foreign shore.  Not as an American but someone that sees a hope for themselves and their children.

Only in America can you come from another nation and become an American.  That was a phrase that President Reagan used frequently and it always found a soft spot in my heart whenever I heard him say it.  That isn't an entirely true statement but the world looks at America as the land and shore of opportunity and that is a double edged sword.  With all the differences we have as individuals from all walks of life we all strive to do better for not just ourselves but for our fellow man.  Take politics out of any situation and we are a truly caring nation accepting of individuals from so many backgrounds that you just have to love being an American.  That is what we are.  When you look back at your own family history, you are the offspring of someone that had more guts than you would ever dream of having and moved to America.  They dreamed of a better future and the only place in the world that offers that is right here in the United States of America.

When you look at the history of America and all the greatest gifts that individuals have given to the world from America, it is mind boggling how the people that invented new technology and innovations came from so many of different lands if not themselves but one generation or two before.  What I am getting at is that the American way of life is not hindered by any controls.  Yes, you can make the argument that government regulations to bring a new idea to market are a hindrance but so is life in general.  I have said this time and time again, America is the land of free thought because there are no boundaries to your thoughts.  When we as American's see something that isn't working for us, back yard and garage mechanics across the country get to work inventing new devices that make it work cheaper and faster and that is how we do things.  No boundaries of thought allowed.  One perfect example is the electric car and America's reply to the high cost of imported oil.

We see a problem and we find solutions and the greatest of inventors in American history is Thomas Edison.  He found 1000 ways how not to invent the light bulb.  That is passion at its very core to simply describe what it means to be an American.  We choose to not accept what is and forge our own path forward of all others.  And we make no apologies for doing the best that mankind can offer to the world.

Neil Diamond said it best here.  And he is right. "THEY COME TO AMERICA".  And so many gifts that changed the world they brought with them.

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