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Monday, May 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Running Scared

When you are running for the highest office in the land and I am not talking about head of the IRS, you need to show your face on multiple media outlets and news talk shows.  It is just the way that the political system works these days.  Mitt Romney is afraid of all other networks that might just ask him questions that he can't answer or will outright refuse to answer.  And if you are the type of politician that Mitt Romney is then you want softball interviews that play to just one image.  Wholesome and good. And that is why he only appears on Fox News and their network of family and friends. That is bullshit and a man hiding an agenda that he does not want you to know about.

Picture from The Blaze

People ridiculed John Kerry when he ran for president for being a flip flopper on all kinds of issues.  Mitt Romney has him beat big time if there was ever a lifetime achievement award for pandering and flipping and flopping around on issues like a fish in your boat.  "What do you want to hear to put me back in the water?" The fish that is Mitt Romney would say.  Pick an issue and he was for it, against it, and then for it if it would get him votes.

It would be hard to have respect for a man that fears facing tough questions from anyone.  Be it a media representative or a regular Joe.  Both vote.

I found this courtesy of Memeorandum for a link to Politico and I thank them for the news tip.  Big wig Ed Gillespie in the Romney Campaign dared to go toe to toe with Bob Schieffer and failed miserably.  No guts no glory...

"You think we're ever going to see [Mitt Romney] on one of these Sunday morning interview shows? I know he does Fox, but we'd love to have him some time, as would "Meet the Press" and the ABC folk, I would guess," the CBS "Face the Nation" host asked Sunday.

Gillespie, an adviser to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, pointed out that Romney spoke "to schoolchildren last week."

Then, he said he'd take Schieffer's suggestion under careful consideration. "We'll have to consider a number of options, and I'm sure the morning shows are [some] of them," Gillespie said.

Schieffer, pointedly, politely replied:  "I know schoolchildren are happy to see him."

This kind of campaign style wreaks of someone that only wants to give a speech where it is safe to say whatever you want and the prompt cards for applause to the audience will go up and the sheep will react.  Much like all of the visits of W. Bush at the end of his presidency.  Military bases and only locations where people never questioned what he did as president.  President Obama will tare up Mitt Romney in any debate and spit him out with simple logic and reasoning.

Watch this video and you tell me if he would be for or against anything if you held and egg timer in your hand.  Even Mitt Romney does not know what he honestly stands for...

Can I get extra syrup to go with those pancake issues you flipped and flopped Mitt?

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