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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mass Senate Seat Up for Grabs

In the eyes of the nation the second chair in the US Senate still belongs to the Liberal Lion, former Senator Teddy Kennedy. He was the spokesman for the liberal left on what our government should be doing for the middle and lower class folks. And if you think about it in regards to tax revenue for the US Treasury, that is where the bulk of the cash comes from. Why not use it for programs to help the middle and lower classes? That is what Teddy Kennedy did all of his years in the senate, he gave back. And then some.

In politics it is a known fact that Massachusetts is one of the bluest of the blue states with a Democrat majority. How Scott Brown won Teddy Kennedy's seat is or was a culture shock. And honestly, I don't see how he can keep it. His political party is out of line with what most people of the state think or believe. He can't be counted on from a Democrat state to stand up for what the people of his own state want if he is to perform in step with his Republican members of the senate. You can't sit on the fence and get things actually done. It would be curious to see how many times his vote in the senate canceled out Senator Kerry's? I don't have the facts but I am curious.

The politics of the campaign for this senate seat are heating up and the chances of Elizabeth Warren actually unseating him are looking better and better. One key choice of words including this name, Karl Rove, need to be repeated over and over in television ads and radio commercials until people actually get who is in the background of Scott Brown's campaign. Karl Rove by the way is the only reason George W. Bush was elected President, not once but twice. He gets the job done and I give him credit for having an incredible political sense of genius. But the undoing of Scott Brown is the constant reminder to the good people of Massachusetts is that they are voting for someone that Karl Rove believes to be a good Republican just like George W. Bush was. NOT THE LIBERAL LION! He just plays one on tv.


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Blogger John Myste said...

The world is changing and the conservative revolution of the 80's worked (at least in part).

Some states had democratic governors for half a century to a century and then just flipped.

See these:

MA has often had Republican governors.

It is possible that conservatism will simply overtake the nation completely.

I am not sure which states are actually the blue states anymore. Everything seems to be in a state of transition, including what red and blue mean.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm one of those pesky in the middle type voters John. I voted for three Republican Governors, Ed King, Bill Weld twice, and Mitt Romney in Mass because the legislature was a Democrat super majority. I looked at it as check and balance voting. I also voted for Reagan twice only because the country needed his message to come back from the Carter, Ford and Nixon years. A time period where American's were considered weak and our nation had no pride left. BUT (BIG OLD HAIRY BUTT) I have always voted for Teddy Kennedy in the US Senate.

Basically, you could some me up as the 5% voting block that decides any close election. I've decided that Scott Brown is out and Elizabeth Warren is in.

I'm still a liberal, but I vote for the person that can do the most good for the state that I live in, and for the country. I don't think for a minute that Karl Rove is a good influence on any political candidate. I don't trust him and that follows on to Scott Brown.

Are you going to vote this election John?

3:08 PM  
Blogger John Myste said...

Voting for a right-leaning moderate like Reagan would be very dangerous today. Also, I am not sure his militarism was a good enough reason to justify such a vote.

Those show claim to be Reagan conservatives today would end social justice as we know it. Reagan had the opportunity to do this, and he did not take it. I believe he would today, though.

Anyway, Of course I am going to vote. I am an American, after all.

6:34 PM  

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