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Friday, June 03, 2011

Pat Robertson On Muslims

Is Pat Robertson nuts or is he pandering to the fear mongers? No matter how you look at it he is spreading hate of an entire people based on the fact that a few of them are just nut jobs? I'm Irish and some of us Irish are very difficult people to deal with, aka stubborn, head strong, throw a punch first. Does that make us all total jerks? Hell NO!!!

In this video Pat Robertson equates all Muslims to the Nazi's of WWII and that is just wrong no matter how you slice it. If you have to play the Nazi card to sell hate of a religion you think is an abomination then you lose the argument. His thoughts are complete bigotry and this poor man is pandering to closed minded people.

Why is it that people like Pat Robertson that claim to be Christian sometimes say the most un-Christian things? Makes no sense.

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