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Friday, August 29, 2008

Governor Palin Investigation

John McCain came all the way in from left field and picked not only a woman for his Vice President but also one from way up north in Alaska. He blew all of us political pundits away with his pick of Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President nominee to the Republican Party.

When John McCain said it was going to be someone with the same positions and heartfelt convictions as he himself has it made me wonder how long he has wanted to be a woman when he named Governor Palin? That was harsh but something that made me go hmmm all day long. Then it hit me, one of her other qualifications is that she is under investigation, something McCain must have considered a must for anyone serving on his team. Come to think of it, lately it seems like being investigated is almost a prerequisite for being a Republican politician in Washington. That and the uncanny ability to deny everything and anything negatively thrown at you by an ethics committee.

Curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see what the “Investigation” of Governor Palin was all about and this is just one of the items I found very interesting…

Video Link

It seems to me that she has the Dick Cheney gene when it comes to abusing her powers as Governor in Alaska. Does that give her a kudos as a Republican VP contender or should it toss up a flare?

Then I’m looking into her “Experience” in government and I have to tell you the truth it scares the daylight out of me that John McCain just turned seventy-two today. Sarah Palin was a city councilor in a town with a population of 900, then Mayor twice in that same town, then became Governor of Alaska two years ago. When John McCain says that the job of the Vice President is to inquire as to the President’s health on a daily basis I thought he was kidding. Not only would Sarah Palin be checking on his health daily but the McCain White House would be inundated with concerned citizens sending in vitamins, cholesterol drugs, and every other health maintenance supplement. He was not looking for a Vice President per say when he picked Governor Palin, he was looking for a mother type figure to keep an eye on his actual freaking health. Well she has the mother type figure part down with five kids of her own. I can give her credit for that so far.

Speaking of children, if she is elected Vice President, who is going to take care of the baby that is now five months old? A baby that some in the press claim that he has Down syndrome. Do you think that the future First Lady Cindy McCain could watch him?

This is going to be an interesting race…

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been getting reamed out about this situation over at because I share your beliefs. But obviously the forum token GOP lover does not share the same opinion. I am drained from dealing with this today. Time will play out and we will learn more about her

9:43 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Politcs is a dirty business and you have to have the skin for it and if they are attacking you over at the site you mentioned then they are wrong. Keep your chin up Crystal and go for the facts in your replies. I'm in your corner my friend.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


Please clarify the site you were being reamed out on because it is not showing up on the one you listed.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Lefty said...

This sort of view really distresses me.

You're concerned that Governor Palin has only 2 years experience as governor but support a man with only 2 years experience in the U.S. Senate? You're worried about Vice President Palin not being experienced enough but feel that President Obama is?

That makes no sense! Don't tell me that he has 7 years of experience at a STATE Senator. That makes him comparable to Harriette Chandler, not really presidential material.

I know, the difference is that McCain is old and could die in office. Well Obama is young and the same could STILL happen to him. Meanwhile Bob Dole, who had to put up with the same ageism when he ran in 1996, is still alive and kicking.

Of course, Palin is being investigated! Suddenly we live in a country where 'guilty until proven innocent' is the new policy?

And what about the kids? How can she be Vice President AND raise a family? She's GOVERNOR for crying out loud. I think this is an issue that she and her husband have probably already addressed.

This race is much closer than it should be. Obama should have been able to win this hands down. Has the idea of a close race made you lose your objectivity and fairness?

12:24 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I see the validity in your comment and that is why I posted the follow up post coming from Republican Conservatives. I was of the opinion that experience was taken off the table when it comes to Obama with McCain picking Palin. Then I came across the piece over at National Review.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Lefty said...

Well if you're that concerned about experience you cannot be voting for Obama.

There is no doubt selecting Palin comes with some high risks and criticism.

Certainly it is a valid observation to point out she has only been governor for 2 years, but do you really fear an inexperienced V.P. more than an inexperienced President?

9:58 AM  
Blogger Jarrod J. Williamson, Ph.D. said...

I am a conservative democrat and am looking into this issue;

My understanding is that fellow state troppers were eyewitnesses and said State Trooper Mike Wooten used a tazer on his 10 y/o son, was driving drunk, abusing his wife, etc.

You can read more about it, HERE which details things such as:

Troopers eventually investigated 13 issues and found four in which Wooten violated policy or broke the law or both:

• Wooten used a Taser on his stepson.

• He illegally shot a moose.

• He drank beer in his patrol car on one occasion.

• He told others his father-in-law would “eat a f’ing lead bullet” if he helped his daughter get an attorney for the divorce.

Frankly, if she did not use her influence to get the man fired, I would not vote for her.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Jarrod J. Williamson, Ph.D. said...

Correction: The comment whereing I said state troopers were eyewitnesses is an error. I did not edit my comment correctly after re-writing it. It should read, state troopers invesitgated ...

I would have voted for John Kerry were it not for the DNC giving Michael Moore a seat of honor in their convention.

I would have voted for Obama if it were not for his 2 decade long discipleship under his racist pastor and his association with William Ayers.

No, I do not think Obama believes the same thigs as these rotten friends of his. But I do not keep racists or anti-america bombers as my friends, and I don't vote for people who do.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Brent Blazek said...

"A baby that some in the press claim that he has Down Syndrome."


That's not a "claim of the press." It's a fact. She's spoken about it.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

If the accusations you spoke of are true James then shouldn't his direct commander in the Alaska State Police dealt with it immediately? I think that there is more to this controversy than the Governor is telling anyone and that is why there is an ongoing investigation. Just my opinion though.


At the time this post was written there was little information on the baby other than what the talking heads were saying. I did not want to blatantly state something I did not know was a fact. Thanks for the update though.

Thanks for the comment and by all means feel free to come back again. Any input into the issues are greatly appreciated by all!

7:43 PM  
Blogger Syrin said...

Oh Please..Listen Up
Sarah Palin- is not ethical, wasilla is only 3000 people, it take only 1200 to vote a fool in. Sarah Palin has done everything a liberal Democrat would do
Raise Taxes 400% on the ONLY tax payer in Alaska.
Produced the most socialist plan of redistribution of others wealth.
Backdoor deal with the most liberal in my state to see that 12 year olds will have the opportunity to have an abortion without their parents consent, so she would have their votes for her crowning masterpeice AGIA. Welcome to Our Nightmare America.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

"being investigated is almost a prerequisite for being a Republican politician in Washington. That and the uncanny ability to deny everything and anything negatively thrown at you by an ethics committee."

Sounds like some democrats to me. Nothing like getting caught with 90thousand dollars in your refrig. Hey, everybody does that, right?

Anyway, both Obama and Palin lack some experiences. At least Palin has actual executive experience. Obama and Biden have "O."

10:07 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Jeff you picked one Democrat. Do I need to list out the dozens of Republican government leaders that left in shame with corruption on thier sleeves and shoes.

No offense my friend but read a newspaper or real life fact based blog like this one. I don't make this stuff up, politicians do it all on their own!

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some say that Obama is about as qualified as Palin because he only spent 140something days in senate but then you have to remember... Palin is the Gov from ALASKA!!! what happens there? someone hit a moose? the canadians invaded? i mean really..

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually don't blog, but this series is rather interesting and the moderator seems rather fair and open to healthy debate.

I don't want to get into every little issue, but rather a few points that might be interesting yet overlooked.

I hear over and over about Gov. Palin and her experience, particularly coming from the state of Alaska.

Alaska, although with a small population, without a doubt has issues that rival large states and even some countries. Alaska is huge, and most parts are not connected via roads. People do live in these remote parts, and these communities can be very diverse both in ethnicity as well as the locally important issues. Even the state capital is not connected via road to the rest of the state. Healthcare, education, transportation, utilities (gas is always expensive, especially in major cities in the southwest and west, and delivered to several communities only in the summer), tourism, energy resources, environmental protection, and dealing with the weather are all quite unique in Alaska. Furthermore, the lower 48 generally ignores Alaska (and Hawaii). Any politician there certainly gets their experience even in a short time.

Gov. Palin, as has been made very clear by many, has confronted many politicians (Republican too) on several issues. She also confronted Big Oil on the natural gas pipeline issue (very important issue within the state, and a project that will rival the oil pipeline); this required special legislative sessions, and ultimately was redone in a fair manner that will benefit the people of the state of Alaska.

Gov. Palin also inherited a very wealthy state, and still had the guts to make important yet unpopular budget cuts/adjustments. The state has prospered even more. The state has no income tax, and most areas have no sales tax either. Each Alaskan receives an annual permanent fund dividend check (last year over $1600), and this year will receive an additional $1200 to offset energy costs (Palin's initiative). All with NO budget problems. Kudos to Gov. Palin, and the Alaskan state legislature (Republicans and Democrats).

11:29 PM  

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