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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bridge to Nowhere for Governor Palin

One of the worst things in politics is to be caught in a lie. In some instances it can be in fact a career ending event. Ergo the evacuation of many Republicans, and a few Democrats over the last eight years for stepping way over the gray line. I could go down the list of alleged abusers of political office and power but it would be pointless. Then again, maybe not. I could point out the shame of Mark Foley, the cover up by Republican Speaker of the House Denny Hastert trying to hide the fact that Mark Foley was a child predator. Then we could go into the fact that the leader in the Senate, Tom Delay, worked so close to lobbyist Jack Abramoff that it’s a shock that he was not on the payroll of Jack Abramoff. I won’t even mention the not gay but gay Senator (Not that there is anything wrong with being gay) caught by police in a sting operation at the airport because his “stance” was just a bit wider than most people. So wide that it reached into the next stall.

Then we have John McCain with the Keating Five scandal that was bought and paid for by all of the American taxpayers in that savings and loan scandal. I’d say that was the Conservative voters worst day in American history but then again that would not be accurate if the people elected John McCain for President in this election.

Here is the meat and potatoes of this post, Governor Sarah Palin claimed that she told the Congress, Thanks, but no thanks for the bridge to nowhere, courtesy of Ted Stevens, Republican from Alaska. Could the bridge have been paid for with a Performance Bond?Turns out she was all for it till the heat was turned up on it by Democratic watch dogs in the Congress. That my friends is a bold faced lie by the Governor from Alaska that she told to the Republican Party base in Ohio on her acceptance of John McCain’s pick as a VP running mate. Could it be that the definition of Conservative is very different if the money flows to your state as Governor? Over at MSNBC and Count Down they have this to say on this politically volatile bad decision to lie about the bridge to nowhere by Governor Palin…

Video Link

This is politics at its highest level and lying about facts that can be picked apart as easily as a Google Search is a bad idea. Maybe someone should actually look at the Governors speeches before she makes them? Experience in politics goes a long way these days. This pick by McCain for Vice President is actually showing his lack of due diligence which leads into the fact that maybe his idea of experience has the Republican pinball machine tilting thus the flippers are ineffective.

This little nugget of seeing the truth about the McCain philosophy and actual thought process just proves that Governor Sarah Palin is ready to lie like the best of them and take Dick Cheney down a notch. Maybe that was a serious consideration for McCain picking her for VP? Enough said on this one...


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