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Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle Obama Speech at the DNC Convention

In all of my political reporting work I have never seen such an engaging and inspiring speech than the one Michelle Obama gave at the Democratic Convention in Colorado. In her speech she brought the politician that is the man, her husband Barack Obama, to the American people as the woman that loves him without doubt. If you thought for one moment that Michelle Obama was not a proud American in the past, she squashed those doubts in this speech before the convention. In her speech she touched on the thought that “The world as it is will just not do” and I have to agree with her. We can be so much better if we just work together to be just that.

Over at MSNBC they have this post on her entire speech…

Video Link

Michelle Obama in her speech raised the facts up high and highlighted her own tough road to travel to get to where she and her family is today. Her life, and her husbands life was not handed to them on a silver spoon, they earned it by working hard no matter the difficulties in doing so. Her family today is her world and their future is the same message that your family is all working toward in this very negative and unforgiving world we live in. The passion of her message is not just for her children but for yours as well. Bringing back America to the status of a nation that has always served the higher purpose for all of its citizens is the message to embrace by the Obama family and campaign.

At the end of her speech her young children came to the stage as Dad video phoned in at the convention. Hearing his babies interact with their Daddy touched my heart. I loved the little ham act and the love that they showed to their Daddy. I could picture my baby girls doing the same thing on a world stage. Tens of thousands of people behind Obama’s daughters applauding didn’t mean a single thing because Daddy was on the video prompter behind the podium and interacting with them as Daddy’s will do.

Michelle Obama scored a solid ten on this speech. She is not just a well educated woman married to Barack Obama but she is a Mom, a wife, and an American citizen that has worked hard for the people with the least audible voices in America. God bless her!


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