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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Biden Introduction Message

In the old email box tonight was a message from the Obama campaign for President from Senator Joe Biden. If you have been living under a rock this weekend, Obama tapped Joe Biden of Delaware as his Vice Presidential candidate. Anywho, here is part of the message in the form of an attached video…

Video Link

It’s looking like Barack Obama’s pick of Joe Biden is scaring the pants off of the Republican’s and I have come to that deduction by all the piss and vinegar being spat out in the comments of many left leaning blogs. Just the lack of credible facts and just pure hate makes you wonder what has them so afraid? To me, that shows that Obama made one hell of a pick for his Vice President and the run up to election day should be very interesting as they try and declare Obama a Muslim and the Anti-Christ, Biden a racist, Obama an elitist, Biden not credible on foreign affairs and the list goes on and on.

Here are just a few talking points to refute terrified terrorist Republican’s out to poison the waters of truth.

Attack: Barack Obama is a Muslim and the Anti-Christ

Counter Facts: Obama is not a Muslim, never practiced that proud faith, never embraced it but his father was a Muslim. If that is the bar the Republican's want to set then you too are responsible for the life for your biological father's religion and damned for life! Never mind the fact that you may have found your own path to God and your religion or lack there of. Barack Obama has his own personal Christian commitment to Jesus Christ and has had that personal relationship that he was raised in since he was a toddler. Don’t ever question a mans religion as one Christian to another, each Christian’s love and faith in God is a private personal matter and nobody else’s business. As far as being an Anti-Christ, Hitler was Godless, Napolean was Godless, both according to most religious historians searched for personal wealth, power and glory, and not truly for their fellow man. I’m sure the Anti-Christ would not be backing health insurance for all Americans, for that matter ending what can be an endless war in Iraq. Isn’t the Anti-Christ supposed to be pro disease, famine, plague and war? What is shameful is the fact that John McCain is not stepping forward to defend a fellow Christian, a fellow Senator, from this accusation but in fact promoting it.

Attack: Joe Biden is a Racist

Counter Facts: This accusation comes from a conversation Joe Biden was having in regards to his then political opponent in the primaries. A conversation meant in all context as a compliment to Barack Obama as clean and articulate. Obama himself was not offended as an African American and stated so. If you asked who did more for Civil Rights in the last thirty years, the author or co-author of many of the changes people have in todays society were started or worked feverishly for and by Senator Joe Biden. While your checking those facts out then you can also check and see how many of those laws that John McCain voted against.

Attack: Obama/Biden is an elitist

Counter Facts: Um, it takes serious money to be an elitist and last time I checked Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s net worth combined is less than $2 million dollars. On the other side of the aisle is John McCain and his wifes net worth set at over $110 million alone. Add Mitt Romney to the Republican ticket come their convention and you have roughly another $175 million dollars in net worth. Is Obama well educated, Harvard likes to think so and he EARNED his high placement in his graduating class while in college. That is not being an elitist, it’s called getting the best out of your education! As for Joe Biden being an elitist, find a union in America that is not supporting Joe Biden and I will show you a Wall Street investment firm. Oh wait a second, they don't have unions on Wall Street. Biden is as middle class as you get as a Senator in Washington.

Attack: Joe Biden is not credible in foreign policy

Counter Facts: ROFLMAO!!! He heads the Foreign Relations Committee in the freaking Senate… LOL, ROFL. Who do you think could name the leaders of most of the nations around the world instantly and correctly? Then tell you the form of government they have, who our Ambassador to that nation is, and tell you a little history of that nation? Joe Biden could! McCain could not even remember the number of houses he has? ROFLOL!!! I’m laughing to hard at this one…

Enough said for now…


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this one!!! Love it. The talk of elitism came up this morning while I listened to the news on the way to work.
Far from it, because he is a great speaker, because he is an EDCUATED black man. No one would ever say that to a white man that worked his way up. This man was paying back student loans not so long ago.

7:02 AM  
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