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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe Biden DNC Speech

Do you remember when America was trusted? Not my words but the words of Joe Biden at the DNC Convention in Colorado. In the speech in the video link below you will see many points that the tiger of the Obama ticket will take on from televised accusations in your part of America from the McCain camp with facts and not just rumors and innuendo. Joe Biden as a Vice President candidate will be the lion of this fight of right and wrong. All of his life Joe Biden has defended the people that needed his voice the most and Obama was on target in picking Joe Biden as Vice President. Anyone willing to get in the face of Bush at the White House and explaining the difference of the houses of government has my ear.

Bill Clinton in his warm up speech was just as great but Joe Biden brought the message home to Democrats. Joe Biden reminded us all why this election is so important and with the Clinton political machine behind them I honestly hope to think that Barack Obama will be the next Prisident. Call me biased but nothing John McCain has to say even intrigues me as a liberal and moderate voter. Every position he is for is opposite to the future of my family of five daughters. I don’t care about tax cuts, I care about the future my children will have to face. Obama offers a different path than the status quo and he has my vote. America is broken and hope is just a vote away.

Over at MSNBC they have the full coverage of the Joe Biden speech over at the convention in Colorado for Democrat’s.

Video Link

I’m thinking that many of the folks over on the right side of the aisle are having doubts as to the truth behind the McCain message and see through it just like I do. Republican, Democrat, who cares about that crap anymore when it comes to the future of your children? This election will come down to who can sell our children’s future best and not about tax cuts for any group of people in this nation. Although I honestly feel that the Bush tax cuts for the top income earners in this nation are rediculous and unfair. Then again, any tax on the people is just counter productive when you really think about it. There has to be a better way.

It was a true surprise to see Barack Obama take the stage in the shadow of Joe Biden after his speech. It caught me off guard and it was a unifying moment. I loved it! This act was a class act when it comes to any politics I have ever seen. Seeing them together reinforced the message they are sending and it was all about families.


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