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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill Clinton DNC Speech

If there was ever any doubt that the Clinton family is not behind backing Barack Obama one hundred percent then former President Bill Clinton tossed that trash out. Bill Clinton is a great speaker and his ability to cover all the hot nerves of this race for President proved that he, his wife Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton are on the Obama band wagon.

Bill Clinton gave one of the best unifying speeches for the democratic party to date. Over at MSNBC they have this video coverage on the entire speech.

The Clinton political machine is in action and the bump in the polls after the DNC convention will be huge. I’m just guessing but the people the Clinton camp hung around with were not the same people that the Obama camp hung around with too. Two huge political campaigns merging with 36 million votes combined is a huge number of voters. Some of those voters Backing Hillary Clinton will not loyally follow Barack Obama simply because Hillary or Bill say they shoud but most of them will. To those disenfranchised by the election process I can only offer the simple difference between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are almost non existent on every position. Hillary is and will be a large contributor to the Presidency of an Obama administration and Bill Clinton’s speech proved it out. I don’t havee a problem with that and neither should Hillary Clinton supporters. Hillary Clinton is the opposite of John McCain on almost every issue and if you think that the Congress is a check and balance then you need to rethink the last couple of years with a Republican President and a Democrat lead Congress. George W Bush found his veto pen when the Democrats to control of both houses of Congress. Before that historic moment, George Bush vetoed nothing. Voting for McCain as a liberal Democrat or moderate voter and thinking that the checks and balances will keep things going on the straight path is troubling. It's just taking on the fact that the changes that are possible with a new direction is something you have to believe in and Obama can do that for America. He isn't going to do it alone and in the course of Linclon, he wants oppossing opinions and thoughts around him.


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Blogger Steven James Jerardo said...

Can you say NObama? Bill made a deal with Obama that he could hit on Michelle in return for a good speech tonight.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm almost tempted to delete your comment Steven... For the record, I do not delete any commments unless they are full of profanity. My thirteen year old reads this blog every single day and she does not need that kind of language. And my eleven year old is reading the posts also lately.

Get real and state some facts and real life opinion.

11:54 PM  

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